Giving birth in Taiwan? Taichung?

Well, today marks the 6 week birthday of my beautiful baby Ella. This posting is long overdue but as other new moms will attest, sometimes things just take longer to get done after a little one comes. (Okay, okay-turning off the TV for a big would help too).
Anyway-to anyone who is pregnant and planning to deliver for the first time (or second, third, or fourth perhaps) in Taiwan…and is wondering how things are going to go, how to communicate with the nurses during delivery, how to well, have a baby-I recommend checking into Angie with Beautiful Beginnings. Angie is a very knowledgeable, helpful, wonderful doula who cares about her clients. Angie travelled to Taichung and went above and beyond in helping my family give birth to our little one. I was kinda stressed out before we decided to have Angie at the birth, but after we decided to have her help us I was able to relax-so actually Angie was helping me a lot before the birth even started. Then, during our long, long birth process, Angie helped us through this new and difficult path. And during the actual intense time of delivery, she was there to help me focus and make it through the contractions. While of course this is a business for Angie, one can safely say that she cares more about her clients than about the money. I don’t want to just sound like an infomercial for B/B but to any mom out there who is going to give birth-Angie is a blessing to have as your doula! If you have any questions, feel free to ask me!