Giving out contact details

I once inherited an apartment from a teacher that had given out her home phone number to her students and I used to get disturbed by phone calls at the most annoying times of day: “Is XXX there? Oh…When did she leave? Are you a teacher? Do you want to go out for coffee?”

I don’t give out my number to any of my students but I get asked for it all the time - not just by the winsome wench in the fron row either :?

Does anyone else have this problem, and what is your response?

I keep an email address specifically for students only, which I give out to avoid disappointing people. I don’t get many people actually contacting me, and those that do are often looking for supplementary material that I have told them I have available, so I don’t mind at all.

Anyone else?

You actually entertain phone calls from strangers asking you to go out for coffee?

I’d pay the NT$3,000 and get your number changed. If you don’t want to fork out the money, say they got the wrong number and hang up.

I used to get it all the time, people asking for my number that is. I didn’t give it out but the ass that I worked for gave it to any numb skull who asked. Now it’s just by e-mail.

I usually make up a number to give students if I don’t want them to bother me, the same goes for staff members didn’t trust. You should also try buying a phone that has caller id on it and screen your calls, answering machines work wonders as well.

Just tell them you don’t know your number. I don’t know mine. I’ve never called my own house and only two people have my number (I gave it to them years ago when I first moved into my place). Guess I’d have to call one of those two people to find out my number…

Is it possible to get a cell phone number that charges the people that call you and pays you for each call made to you. I have offered to do telephone teaching to some students but many times they refuse to pay the bill.

Nope. Didn’t ‘entertain calls’ - I responded very rudely and the problem kind of went away.

Except that every now and then the clones in the office (now there’s another thread waiting to happen) would helpfully open the personnel files for students and colleagues to browse through. I’ve even had students finding out where I live in the past.

These days the only address I give is the road and section. I don’t know, or ever use, my home phone number and mobile phones are so much more controllable if someone does get a hold of your number.
(I turn mine off whenever I don’t expressly want to be contactable.)

But I still have trouble understanding what is going through the minds of those trying to track you down, and those giving out your personal details. Fuck, do they sit in the office and discuss my salary with the clones as well? Is there no respect for individual privacy here?

Sorry if I’m ranting, but my home is my sanctuary (castle) and when I’m here I’m not at work.