Giving quanxi away! But you must be a ABC... please

Hi guys:

I am looking for ABCs who are over 21 years old to help me out with this project, in return, I will be giving away quanxi to those who helped me out.

My friend did a thesis for her master on an old chinese story - Journey To the West and she would love to get some feed back from ABCs. The story is about 9 chapters long and the animation is great, cute story, some fun games to play with and other stuff as well. So if you can take about 10-15 mins. of you time to check out her website, read the story, and wrote her a feedback (honest feedback, could be good and bad of course) and you will get some free quanxi from me.

It would be a great help for me and my friend. So if you are interested, please PM me and I will send you the link to that website.

Also, if you are a mom and just wanted your kids to understand the story of Journey to the West let me know as well. I think it is a great activities for the parent and their kids.

Thanks so so much for your help!!!


Why ABCs only? Other people are also familiar with Journey to the West. Why can’t Chinese- Canadians participate? What if you’re half-Chinese? Do you only get to read half of the thesis? And what the heck kind of master’s thesis has “great animation, cute stories, and fun games”?

Giving away guanxi now is a bit pointless.
I can see why she might want only ABCs. Probably something to do with that Chinese roots deal.
By the way, if I were the prof. I’d throw out a paper on Journey to the West. No meat and the subject is dull.

I’m an ABC,
After Breakfast Child
Another Breaded Chicken
Any Bathroom Candles?
A Bad Choice?
Assets Before Charity

I should stop before I am

Attacked Beyond Control :flowers:

Because the primary audience my friend is trying to focus on is 9-12 year-old American Taiwanese children born or raised in the United States.

The secondary audience is their parents that came from Taiwan who are concerned with their child

Now I know why free quanxi doesn’t sound sooo attractive anymore. Ppl have been giving out free quanxi left and right and now everybody is rich… so how do i bribe my fellow posters now a day!!! :cry:

I’m sure a girl of your talents could find a way.