Giving The UK Government their Daily Dose of Sarcasm

Is the United Kingdom again planning a diplomatic attack on the Russian Federation? Is the UK government hellbent on provoking the Russian people? Lets give sanctuary to rich tycoons from Russia, wanted in their own country for crimes committed in that country, and now lets tell them what they should and should not do close to their borders. That should work. Conflict always works. What am I talking about? Last week the Great UK Parliament Defense Committee of the Great People of the Great Land of Great Britain and Northern Ireland decided to write a Great Report on what the Great Government should do with Russia. And, yes, you’ve guessed the correct answer: “Be tough with Russia”. Sounds like baloney? Or does it sound like some political-military advisor to President Kennedy in the Cuban Missile Crisis: “Russians only understand one language; action, respect only one word; force.” “Russia is attempting again to create a sphere of influence in its back yard through the threat and use of military and economic force, particularly in Georgia and Ukraine.

      That will definitely work this time. Lets attack the Russians. Those bad Russians are attempting to create a sphere of influence in their neighborhood. How dare they. They cant be allowed to succeed. Lets not forget that Hitler did similar things before the invasion of bordering countries in the years leading up to World War II. We have to stop those awful Russians. History has taught us that. Russia only recognizes enemies or serfs on its borders. We on the other hand are really Great. We, in recent centuries, carved up half the world, presenting to ourselves our own sphere of influence on a worldwide scale. But it was great. We helped real people. Those people wanted us to help them. . We are great. Thats why our nation has great in its name. Now we have decided to spread this influence in Iraq and Afghanistan, to invade sovereign states not because we have interests in their petroleum, oh no. We invaded them to help their own people.   Iraqi mothers feel nothing but  affection to our great country when they lose their sons in a suicide bomb.

  When will the British stop acting as if they still own the world.?Their leaders have made a mistake in supporting the US in Iraq and Afghanistan. Admit it, and get the hell out of those countries. Or let it be your very own personal Vietnam. Let those counties people pursue their own destiny. After being so active in spreading your own worldwide sphere and view of a democratic world, you should at least recognize the basic humanitarian, democratic principle of allowing populations to determine their own future. So give them that dignity. Who are the main inhabitants of South Ossetia and Abkhazia, and what have they decided? History has told us that they never wanted to be part of Georgia. The population decided to become independent. What right has the democratic US and Britain to deny them that right, and force them to accept another peoples rule?

To the UK Government. Ignore the advise of the Parliament’s Defense Committee whose report you will shortly be receiving. Russia has done good, democratic work in the Caucasus, allowing a minority to stand up and forge their own destiny, against the wishes of the United States. Let the matter go. And by the way, give up your old colonial, US poodle ways in Iraq and Afghanistan, and let those countries determine their own future too.

Hmmm. Political troubles at home… foreign war… Falklands anyone?

Afghanistan’s not doing too badly for 'em right now.

OP. ‘Sarcasm’? The UK is acting within its own interests in Russia? Why is that surprising to you? Why would the UK be pro-Russia? What would be the political/diplomatic justification for such a course of action?

In case you haven’t noticed (obviously not a Sun reader) those wily Pathans are fast becoming Britain’s Vietnam. But HEY! All is not lost! Gordon Cuntybaws Broon, our Great Supreme Unelected Leader, has assured us one and all that the dead wee laddies getting shredded by roadside bombs are saving the stalwart Brits at home from countless terrorist threats! So you KNOW its true!
Gordon Cuntybaws “I KNOW how to wallow in my own shite” Broon. True Brit.

Well, they started it now …

I do share your ire, sands, but I just can’t bring myself to vote for Cameron, who’s sleazing around picking up votes right now. He shamelessly and pathetically apologised for Clause 28 at Pride, recently! The young 'uns don’t remember Thatcher.

Seriously, OP, I understand where you are coming from, but what exactly do you expect the UK to do?