Glandular Fever

I’ve been sick for a few days now and really can’t work out what is wrong. the doctors I have seen have all had weird and wonderful suggestions and given me a bundle of medicine to eat but none has helped. A quick search of my symptoms on google suggested Glandular Fever.

Which department of the hospital should I go to get checked out?

Ears, eyes throat doctor should do
Get them to eliminate tonsillitis first. With me it was the other way round. They thought I had glandular fever while it was tonsillitis.

A blood test can confirm the presence of glandular fever virus

Glandular fever can knock you out for over a month. A friend had glandular fever symptoms for two weeks, and was weak (no energy) for about a month after it.

I managed to rule out glandular fever, but i’ve had this fever for a week now. sometimes my temp will be 39 for a few hours then go back to normal. i can sweat uncontrollaby for an hour then feel freezing cold a few minutes later.

over the last 36 hours i have had the worst headache i have ever had in my life and no amount of painkillers can dull it. no matter if i lie, sit or stand I am in incredible pain.

the doctors told me it is just a cold, but i have never had a cold like this before … litis.html

Just a guess, but you work with kids, right? Encephalitis can be very bad. Have you been checked out for it? Most kids must get vaccinated for Japanese Encephalitis as a high percentage of the population in Taiwan has been exposed to it.

Just a guess, but you sound miserable, so I’m trying to help.