Glaucoma treatments

Hi there folks.

How is Glaucoma treated here in Taiwan?

I have this question because a few years ago back in Texas I went to take my gf to get her eye prescription and just for the laughs I had mine checked too (I don’t need glasses tho) but the Doctor told me she was concern that my optical nerves seemed to be larger than normal which could be a sign of Glaucoma, nevertheless I’m known for having big eyes and she agreed with me but asked me to have more test done but I wouldn’t be able to drive back home if I did so I declined. But she told me I needed to be careful and label me as “glaucoma suspect” she also told me that the constant treatment in the US is very expensive, so that was a part of the reason why I agreed to move to Taiwan with my wife. After almost 3 years I have nothing to report, my vision is perfect but I still keep in my plans to have that checked.

So anybody have anything to share?

Go to an ophthalmologist and get your eye pressure tested.

There’s the puffer test, and another one - I forget the name.

I have high eye pressure, so I get my eye pressure tested every three months or so.

Treatment for glaucoma mainly consists of either medicine or surgery to keep intraocular pressure down. I can’t see why it would be different in Taiwan… though it would certainly be cheaper than in the states. However, high-pressure does not always lead to glaucoma and glaucoma is not always accompanied by high pressure. Unfortunately, there is no cure for damage to the ocular nerve, so get tested regularly.

See an ophthalmologist here in Taiwan… it’s cheap and easy. Get your intraocular pressure (IOP) checked. For milder open-angle cases, simple medications like timolol maleate, Trusopt or Xalatan (all eye drops) may be prescribed. They are not expensive in Taiwan.

Thank you all folks! I’m gonna look into that, perhaps this week, a couple of days ago I took a nap and woke up with redness in my eye so that reminded me, I’m better now, just got some drops at the pharmacy. But yeah I will really check that, the Doctor was very clear about having that checked.