Glaze for Sponge Painting

The walls in my apartment are not terribly flat so I thought I would sponge paint them to give a more textured look to obscure the flaws. But where can I find glaze? I tried the local Xindian B&Q but they wanted to sell me gloss which I’m pretty sure is not the same thing.

Anyone see glaze in another paint shop?

I haven’t found glaze, when I looked for it a couple of months ago. However you can achieve a similair effect with Dulux Pentalite that htey are selling in Nei Hu’s B&Q, you can combine 2 colors for this effect, I’ll try to post a picture of what I have done later.

Thanks Igor, I would like to see what you have done.

OK, I realized that maybe not what you are looking for, but I found the effect quite nice on the whole room.

Ooops, Can’t make it bigger than that. Sorry! :blush:

Can’t really see the effect that clearly so can you describe what you have done?

Still can’t find glaze in a regular paint shop so I’m going to try an Art supply shop (my sister back in Canada is asking at a local paint shop if it is the same thing).

I did an effect called Two Toned Rollered Wall.
Basically using 2 complementary shades and placed them next to each other in a paint tray, then using a paint roller, rollered them on the wall together over a cream colored base coat. It looks like a cross between sponging and ragging, but less laborious.
I find it really gives a nice mix and depth color.
I got a bigger picture of my room: