Global Cannibal Network

First kiddie porn now this . . .

Jan 07, 2004

. . .New evidence in the trial of Meiwes, 42, accused of killing and eating a man he met on the Internet, shed light on a global network that links maneaters from Austria to America, the police told the court.

. . . Meiwes was arrested after killing and eating Bernd-Jurgen Brandes in 2001, who the defence claim went willingly to his death. The two men met on the Internet after Meiwes advertised for a “young well-built man who wants to be eaten.”

. . . Meiwes estimates that there are at least 800 active participants in cannibal forums, and says he was in contact with at least 400 of them. Experts say the real number is probably much higher.

“There are several hundred people with cannibalistic tendencies in Germany alone, and many thousands around the world,” said Rudolf Egg, a criminologist in the German central criminal service.

. . . The police said that Meiwes’ willing cooperation had helped shed light on the murky world of online cannibals, and his case was not an isolated one.

. . . “Cannibalism has always been around, but the Internet reinforces the phenomenon. You can be in contact with the whole world and do this anonymously. Many people have these fantasies, but few act on them.” For serious cannibals, this can be frustrating. … 2003086676

Meiwes was all over the news awhile back, but the shock value has worn off, at least for the media. I really wonder what societal forces are behind this development.

Several hundred out of thousands are in Germany alone? Perhaps I should be more careful walking on the streets here…

bah bahaaa … i read a lot about that
I 'm not surprised that there are people who want to kill and eat somebaody…but I can’t imagine that there are people who want to be killed and hured on a very cruel way ihh

what’s the big deal? i grew up as a cannibal. we ate flesh most everyday. the school supported the practice, almost mandating it. we made a party of it: singing, holding hands, crowding around the table in anticipation. the old guy did the prepping and we youngins lined up for a taste of the flesh and a sip of the blood.

the german guy who went to his grave was merely following in the most acclaimed in the entire whole of our culture.

has anyone ever smuggled the consecrated communion host out of a catholic church and it analyzed in a lab? are catholics cannibals? they certainly have the intent. lock em all up. it’ll make them stronger to be presecuted. perhaps such is next on ashcroft’s to do list. oh nevermind, christians are good and everyone else is bad.

This is NOT what I mean when I say “eat me” :laughing:

My cable TV doesn’t have this channel either.