Global Poll: Iran #1, U.S.#2 in terms of negative influence

BBC World Service commisioned a poll in 33 countries examining how people felt about the global influence of Europe (as a whole); France, Japan, Great Britain, India, China, Rusisa, U.S. and Iran.

Some of the country and regional results are interesting.

From the site:

[quote]Global Poll: Iran Seen Playing Negative Role
US Continues to Get Low Marks
Views of China, Russia, France Down Sharply
Europe and Japan Viewed Most Positively

A major BBC World Service poll exploring how people in 33 countries view various countries found not a single country where a majority has a positive view of Iran

Look, I claim second to none in my dislike of the Bush Administration’s attitudes on “preventive war”, Global Warming, the ICC, abstinence as a preventitive of AIDS, “extrordinary rendition”(AKA “disappearing”), and joining hands with soulmates like Saudi Arabia and Sudan to block the rights of women and gays,


anyone from a Western democracy, anyone from any country aspiring to reach the position of a prosperous liberal democracy, who thinks the overall influence of the United States in the world is negative is , to borrow a cliche, a few fries short of a Happy Meal.

Take it with a grain of salt. America is the most influencial nation so at any given time it’s likely to be doing more good and more harm than any other nation. A lot easier to have an opinion on america than just about anywhere else.

I think the United States of America is a wonderful influence in that it acts as a model for emulation by countries around the world. But when you start looking at direct American policy, are you really surprised non-Americans are cynical?

American foreign policy on the political side is ambiguous (aka contradictory and often hypocritical) from a moral point of view; clearly most foreign policy decisions are made with “American interests” first and foremost. American policy on international economics is also deeply controversial; again, “American interests” are served first and foremost. American environmental policies? American policies on trade and currency?

Its a close race between PRC and USA for negative influence.

In addition to the current and future money the Bush regime has wasted,
the damage to the USA “brand” and its value, is arguably greater.

If we put Bush in charge of Coca-Cola he would make that brand name
about as appealing as raw sewage.