Global Sources--any exp with them?

Making a small leap from tech writing to B2B copy, does anyone know how the working conditions / corporate culture, etc. are at Global Sources?

Many Thanks.

I worked there for several years. Which office, on minsheng, or fushing?

The Fuxing N. Road office.

In addition to corporate culture (which I would think is pretty much the same at both offices), I was wondering what the work day entails. Are you just given some “Chinglish” copy to brush up, or do you have some input, get to gather info, interview clients, etc.

Ideally, I would like a part-time (up to 4/5 full-time) job, if that would be an option there. Otherwise, I can do full-time.

I guess it wasn’t too bad, if you stayed there a few years.

Thanks a lot!

Ahh, I worked at Fushing. When I was there–a good 7 years ago now, so take all this with a grain of salt–the two offices were quite different. I take it the manager at Fushing Oscar Wu is still there, a fair guy but no teddy bear.

I was a copywriter for a few years there, you will spend your time thinking up individual copy for identical products–it is a challenge but starts to get a bit boring after a while :slight_smile: usually it is brushing up Chinglish, however they will insist it is good english and another copywriter in manila will put his spin on the language :slight_smile: if you can read Chinese you will find that to be a big help in getting raw info. the salespeople are responsible for getting the data for the copy from the client–and it usually isn’t their top proiority as you can probably imagine.

It’s a pretty solid company, decent benefits, they have smart management, they most likely won’t pull any weird surprises on you but they can be a bit penny pinching at times.

It’s also a very sales oriented company so if you want to move up there that is the avenue to look for–and people can move up there quickly, they have a fast turnover due to their overseas bases and the high pressure sales culture. One guy actually started as a copywriter at Minsheng and worked up in a few years to be a fairly high level manager. after a few years as a copywriter i asked for and got promoted to a lowlevel manager position.