Global TESOL

yo! anyone heard of globaltesol school? or travel and teach…in CANADA!! ? i am currently taking it now…and i paid $1000!!! i hope it’s worth it…i’m almost done the course…wonder what my certificate will look like…haha hopefully not something that resembles anything printed off from Print Shop Deluxe!

It will look like this

or this

And they are indeed worthless. Cambridge or RSA cerificates (and above) are the only internationally recognised ones. I see the course is just 5 days, so what exactly are you expecting?

The RSA exam is now called the Cambridge Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults and the issuing authority is the University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate (International Examinations).

The Trinity TESOL Certificate is issued by Trinity College London and is of equivalent international status. But I don’t have one of those in front of me.

those two are the only two internationally recognized schools? how long are those two courses? full year?

i already paid the $1000! are you telling me it’s completely worthless??? no value at all?

Yeah, you should have had a look here before parting with the cash. Sorry. You can do the CELTA and Trinity TESOL in lots of places around the world.

are those two courses…full year >? can i do them overseas while i’m in taiwan? do i need a degree to enroll ? thanks

Do a search for CELTA in the Teaching Forum.

yay! i think i can get a refund!!
thank god!

i did a search on the two and lots of info…

which would you recommend? the trinity tesol or the celta?

If I had to chose it would be the CELTA. They are virtually identical. The Cambridge name does carry more cachet though.

Get out of the TESOL course. I took it years ago, when the cost was half. It has never helped me get a job.

FWIW having the CELTA got me an extra NT$50 an hour on my starting rate. It will take 38 weeks to make back the cost of the CELTA (

How long did the CELTA take to complete?

From an article about TESOL certificate courses.

[quote]Wherever students choose to study, Mitchell advises caution when selecting a course. Cambridge and Trinity College are the two major exam providers, with courses validated by the qualifications and curriculum authority and accepted at language schools worldwide. “If the course is not accredited by one of them, it’s probably not worth doing,” adds Mitchell.

Cherry Gough, acting director of English language teaching at the British Council, agrees. “What we would always say is be careful, wherever you take the course, that it’s properly validated by a reputable body or university,” she says. “You can spend a lot of money on these courses. There are lots of in-house language courses, but they will not necessarily give a qualification accepted anywhere else.”

A recent concern for the British Council has been a rise in the number of courses offered in Australia that are not properly validated. “People are offering these courses, saying we will give you a certificate or diploma at the end. In actual fact when you go to an employer, it has no value.”