Globe is backwards on new NT$1000 bill

details at my page

i didn’t find it

That’s not all.
Check the triangle on the right side of the face of the NT$1000 note, right above the girl with the microscope stuck in her nose. It is a right triangle with a square in its base with the number 90 next to it. OK. Look at the top angle, which unless the laws of geometry have changed recently, should be 45 degrees. The number their is 60. Opps.
How many people proofed this bill before it went to print? Must have been quite a few. What an embarrassment.

I don’t see how the globe is backwards. And the web page at the beginning of this message is NOT helpful.

But the Isoceles Right Triangle is definately wrong.

Eagle Eye, I found the explanation of the backwards globe at the website above in Main Topics No. 2

Some uninvited thoughts: First, even after the extensive explanation, it still seems like a stretch. That isn’t to say that the designers didn’t **** up, but that the big white cloud covering most of the planet prevents any meaningful guesswork about the artwork.

Second, the navigation of this website is amazingly bad. I am all for websites that put both Chinese and English on the same page, but what can this page look like in a browser running English (only) Windows? It seems designed especially to annoy and frustrate.

Finally, you have to chuckle when the author likes to refer to himself in the third person. It’s a little batty. It would be cute if the site were any easier to read. Sorry, stamp this website: “return to sender”

Yours truly