Gloria English School Offer


I also don’t know what starting rates are, but I believe they’ve been stuck at around the 600 an hour mark for years. Probably why I wouldn’t advise people to start teaching in Taiwan.

I remember meeting a couple of Gloria teachers and don’t recall hearing any complaints, other than their accommodation was a bit like a dorm. That was years ago, though.


I’ve found a lot of teachers have very different opinions of the same school. I had a crazy boss once, like seriously mental threatening screaming nonsense crazy. But a former teacher who had worked there for years came back to visit and have coffee with her. Go figure.

People keep saying this here but please tell me any good buxiban that pays better to a new teacher. If you’ve been working several years, you might do a little better. If you have superstar creds and get in at one of the best schools, maybe. But for most new teachers, I don’t think that’s a reality. If you’re doing private lessons you can definitely make more. But for a basic punch in-teach-punch out buxiban job, that’s at the higher end of what I’ve seen over the years.
The ones that might pay more make you pay for accepting it. That crazy boss, I got paid 750 there. Totally not worth it with all the extra work.

Say what? They give you a bonus for teaching at a teaching job? I wonder if a web design client will pay me extra for designing a website. I wonder if they’ll pay a surgeon extra for actually performing surgery. Strange that I didn’t get a bonus for writing when I was a writer. That is one dodgy way to get around reporting taxes.

That said, I have seen schools doing similar. That way, they get to tell you you’re being paid for non-teaching work, which can be anything from sitting there to checking books to writing lessons plans to making tests and developing the school’s curriculum, all things I’d rather do than teach, but not for 200NT. In fairness, a lot of schools just expect you do that anyway and bugger the laws because the Taiwanese staff do it too. At that school, at least they pay you a pittance. I don’t know if you could expect better in that town. I still say light out for the cities if you can.


Maybe I’m wrong, but I took it to mean that the teaching bonus is only for actual teaching hours, while the base 180 is for “desk warming” hours where you’re just chilling in the office waiting to teach, but you can’t go home.