Gloria Outlets Shopping Mall Taoyuan

Anyone have any thoughts about this place?

First time there over the weekend. Decent size outdoor mall and continuing to expand. Very crowded but someone said weekdays are empty. A few typical restaurants and a food court. They have a few shops not normally seen in Taiwan. Not really outlet prices. True Religion jeans are NT$20,000<not a typo.

Convenient 2 minute walk to MRT and Taoyuan HSR station with Sushi Express, Ippudo, Krispy Kreme donuts. Wonder if it’s worth an HSR ride from and back to Taipei.20180827_125543

It’s an ok facility, but it would be hard to get good deals in Taiwan as you have high taxes at the border on imported clothing. You won’t get deals unless you’re in HK

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That’s what I want to know, what do you think? I’ve wanted to check it out (along with the Mitsui outlet in Linkou), not necessarily to buy shit but as a bit of an excursion/day time activity/window shop exercise.

I’m definitely not a shopper, but I like the outdoor plaza feeling of this mall; reminds me of places back in the U.S. They’re expanding right now so I guess they’re doing alright, or at least have plenty of investors.

How sad is it that we’re going to outlet malls in Taiwan to feel like we’re back home in the crappiest, most soul-sucking places in the US?


It’s all part of their “Aerotropolis” plan. IIRC, the first part of the opening the outlet mall was something like 30% of the plan. Eventually they will have movie theaters and others. That whole area is blowing up as far as new high-occupancy buildings going up. There’s a nice park near by, recreational baseball fields, as well as the Lamigo Monkeys baseball stadium.

If all those new homes actually fill up, that place will be entirely overcrowded!

Street level in the area seems like a terrible feeling. Just wide streets, tall buildings, no street level activity. Need to drive to do anything. Even though marketed as near MRT and HSR, most places are not within reasonable walking distance especially if on a schedule or in bad weather.

Just like walking a few blocks to a MRT station in Taipei. Cha bu duo la. Besides, they are still building. And they have a nice park there. The project isn’t done yet. We’ll see how it turns out…

This place is getting huge-er. Also very crowded but nobody’s carrying any bags from making any purchases. New movie theater coming soon.


I’ve been a few times in during the week and it generally is empty - used to have Chinese tour groups but I imagine they don’t show up nowadays. I don’t believe that I’ve ever bought anything outside of the food court though.

It looks huge from the Taoyuan MRT platform. Huge and empty, like it’s never open (to be fair, though, the MRT platform isn’t the best vantage point to observe what’s going on at street level at Gloria mall).

Da food n coffee. Ippudo, Mos Burger, Krispy Kreme across the street in HSR station.