Glory to Cuban Health Care!!!!!!

So, the usual leftwing idiots cite Cuba’s amazing health care as an example of something that works (when most Cubans cannot access it and it faces shortages of EVERYTHING). What is it about dumbass lefties like Michael Moore who think that this is somehow a template for anything involving the word “success” and why do so many dumbass dipshits continue to believe this? How’s this for new and improved by-the-rules posting?

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Mr. Moore made a film ten years ago, yes. As for people citing Cuba as an example, could you give us the actual context?

I get a bit tired when people say the 1st and 2nd (and 3rd) worlds have absolutely nothing to learn from each other just because they don’t have exactly the same problems.

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The solution to your angst is staring you in the face, fredsmith. All you need to do is storm Cuba with a platoon of well-trained Republicans. They should have plenty of guns and ammo lying around the house. Once you’ve installed your revolutionary government, all will be well. Don’t forget to grow some roguish facial hair and print some monochrome T-shirts of your visage for students to wear.


Far be it from me to condone violence, but I want in on the T-shirts! :money_mouth_face:

Other than EMBARGOES.

Even those are in danger now, they say! :hushed:

New film. Go to the link. Apparently, you would like more information but by providing that information I would be infracting the rules. Click link. Read. Understand. Respond. Thanks.

Tell me how the embargo has hurt Cuba. Cuba is a communist country. The US is a capitalist country. IF communism is the success that many believe, why does it need trade with a capitalist country to survive. No other nation participates in that embargo. Can products/services NOT be sourced from other countries? And, this does NOT apply to humanitarian, medical products/services so what’s your point? That it is the US’ fault that Cuba went from being one of the richest to one of the poorest nations? or that Communism, yet again, does not and will never work… double irony in that double meaning.

Yeah, everyone was so rich, they decided to have a communist revolution.

It happens in rich countries all the time.

Countries get so filthy rich, there’s nothing better to do than revolt.

One gets so bored of champagne and caviar after a while.

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Or there were too many self indulgent millennial?

Well they certainly proved the adage one man one vote one time eh? And really how can we ever know as we don’t have any examples of other countries pre post communism right?

We live in a global village now. Don’t be a splittist.

Wake up, Mr. Van Winkle.

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It’s 2017 now. Shocking, I know. :astonished:

I thought Fred was talking about this new documentary…

I must have been asleep longer.