[Glossika] The glommed up reference thread

[quote=“Glossika”]And yes [color=red]the “physique” and size of you [/color]and your friend were very intimidating and the guard was unable to stop you.

[color=darkblue]Stone the crows, now I’ve heard EVERYTHING! :laughing:
I can see the headlines now: “Overweight, pudgy middle-aged woman with badly healed broken left ankle fends of team of security guards. Film at 11.”[/color]

[quote=“Glossika”]This is a repost in case the other post is deleted.

Dear Terry:

Exactly correct. Glossika/雅捷 cut off correspondence with you because we did not need your services. It is true that you have the credentials and experience to qualify as a translator. However, you did not have the qualifications to work for Glossika/雅捷. Glossika/雅捷 does not need to consider anybody who is demanding and uncooperative, as we will consider this person unqualified for the job.


Here is the correspondence between Glossika and I in February 2002. Viewers may draw their own conclusions about whether or not this constitutes “demanding and uncooperative” behavior which disqualifies one for a job.

Hi Monique,
Oops…my parents gave me the name “Terry”, but I am a woman…maybe that’s where the confusion is coming from!

I do need to know your general rate scheme before investing any more time in applying to translate for your agency. I’m sure you can understand this, just as you want to know that a person is really a translator before you invest time informing them about your requirements. However, based on my resume, with 15 years of full-time translation and interpretation experience in 3 major languages, I think you can feel justified in spending the time to let me know what your rates are and what your turnaround requirements generally are.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Terry 蔡琳

Terry L. Thatcher, Ph.D.

Translation and Conference Interpretation

Chinese, Spanish and English


-----Original Message-----
From: Monique Chu [mailto:monique@glossika.com]
Sent: Sunday, February 24, 2002 1:17 PM
To: Terry L. Thatcher
Subject: P/T translator
Importance: High

Dear Terry:

Is that you or your wife wants to apply for the job? If it’s your wife, please have her send her resume.

Before we go any further with each other, please provide your translation samples. If you don’t, you have to take a test.

I check my emails regularly at work and from home. You can reach me anytime you want.

Monique Chu
Manager / Translation Dept.

I didn’t know anything about Glossika until I saw their responses in these forums. Man oh man are they good at trashing their own reputation in a public way. After seeing the nature of their replies alone, I’m surprised anyone would want to deal with them.

Terry Thatcher PhD, Confucius is third person singular: your verb doesn’t agree with the subject. Since he has passed away, it is more appropriate to write “said”. In addition, Glossika cannot entirely agree with your statement including the fact that you and other moderators take the liberty of deleting posts at will.

Oops, you were doing SO well, too…“Confucius say…” quotes are a staple of American humor. I thought you went to school there? Maybe you didn’t hear them, they might be considered mildly racist I suppose, and they’re probably not PC these days. When I was growing up, my dad or others would often quote their own point of view cloaking things in the “Confucius say…” model, with bad grammar following the “Confucius say”: stuff like “Confucius say, pick up room better than swim in pool” or stupid stuff like that. You may hear or read things like this occasionally, even in conference register.

Anyway, I am sure that Confucius never died. I think he’s living with Elvis somewhere in Shihlin. :laughing: In fact, he’s probably the one who cracked the lottery system.

So, “Confucius say, Glossika not understand principle of bbs.”

“Confucius also say, Glossika welcome apply for moderator job, then can find out not so easy delete posts, many other moderator all must agree to maintain harmony.” :laughing:

While it was charming of “Mike Campbell” to thank me for deleting a thread from the “Learning Chinese” post (btw: [color=red]make up your minds[/color]: do you LIKE or DISLIKE threads being deleted??), that actually happened by accident in the midst of moving it to the Flame Forum. But I figured, if you all were happy about it, then why burst your bubble? If you’re now upset that the thread in question was deleted, then I offer profuse apologies for so doing.

Dear Terry:

Exactly correct. Glossika/雅捷 cut off correspondence with you because we did not need your services. It is true that you have the credentials and experience to qualify as a translator. [color=red]However, you did not have the qualifications to work for Glossika/雅捷[/color]. Glossika/雅捷 does not need to consider anybody who is demanding and uncooperative, as we will consider this person unqualified for the job.


ooh…is this supposed 2 b bad news 4 ironlady??? :shock:

a question: how do u people ever make any money if all u do is answer ur own posts and spend ur time doing this kind of thing?

according 2 what ive read so far in all these threads, glossika, u r going after any1 who u feel is ‘uncooperative’ means any1 who ‘talks back’ 2 u even in a professional way. hope u have a deep file of available starving translators waiting 2 work 4 u. i bet u go through them pretty fast. must b why so many ads in the paper 4 u.

or maybe u just used the word ‘qualifications’ wrong and now r trying to get around it

Glossika: grow up. If you don’t like your childish pseudo-legal mumbo jumbo being edited or deleted - stop posting it. What is the purpose of your posts ? What exactly do you hope to achieve ? Do you honestly think that we are intimidated by your idle threats about libel, criminal proceedings, and so on ?

Hot_dini: no offence intended but you clearly wrong about the laws relating to libel, slander, defamation, malicious falsehood, etc - there are issues of legal personality, locus standi, jurisdiction, evidence, to name a few, which would make any action on the basis of what has been posted here a legal quagmire of fantastically expensive proportions.

Everyone: moderators and administrator will delete, edit, re-arrange, as and when they see fit. That is the nature of the beast. If you don’t like it - tough. There are over 3000 registered members and only two or three are causing problems.

No offense taken. I agree with everything you just ststed. Problem is internet libel/defamation laws are still evolving and no one (including lawyers) knows what is really wrong or right. And when you’re dealing with screwballs…they might have enough money and be crazy enough to start a process, right? As I said, the example with Laurence Godfrey should give anyone pause for thought.

[quote=“Glossika”]This message has been erased many times in the other forum, so we will post it in your own forum:

Terry Thatcher:

  1. Terry, this is correct, 雅捷/Glossika is not using this lawyer anymore because he is more specialized in a separate area of law and this was agreed upon by both parties after you received our letter. According to the law, this letter was a 存證信函, not a threat. [/quote]

Where does the law say that a 存證信函 is not a threat ? A threat is a threat. All letters dealing with litigation contain the implied threat of litigation if certain conditions are not met, otherwise there would be no point in sending them.

all new clients meet a partner

never heard of a lawyer that wasn’t willing to start earning - your point ?

so have you appointed them or not ?

Much more childish after your arrival.

A case of do as I say not as I do, eh ?

You don’t say.

Perhaps (!)

Yes, there are no dodgy business operating in Taiwan, that’s for sure.

Presumably you have fired your security guards…

No, let’s speculate shall we ?

Very athletic of them. How many floors ?

As they do.

And I presume they have arrested her for assault, battery, breaking and entering, going equipped (the “bag” remember)… ?

What downfall ?

So, a woman and a man “forced” their way past your security guards. Some security guards.

Glad to see you haven’t succumbed to childishness.

Terry Thatcher PhD, Confucius is third person singular: your verb doesn’t agree with the subject. [/quote]

Good God, who’s being childish now ? Well, Glossika, international translation experts, since you brought it up, it is clear to any even semi-literate reader that the incorrect verb-noun agreement here is a parody of the same common Chinese error in English, and intended to be reminiscent of such speech as used by withered old authorities on Confucious who are commonly believed to begin each pronouncement with “Confucious say”. If you are going to be childishly pedantic you might at least like to get it right. Some experts you lot must be !

Well, with all the wonderfull entertainment going on, let’s give those viewers who have just tuned in an update on the who-is-who of some of the characters in all this …in the meantime: don’t touch that dial, and keep infotaining and entertaining us all!

(please not that I am note sure of all the characters involved and just tried to piece together some of the obvious characters)

Albert (that’s me): One of the people that have been at the receiving end
of GLOSSIKA’s practises. For obvious reasons I am a
bit careful about disclosing my complete address
details at this moment, but will do so as soon as

Iron Lady: : Having the same family name (and character) as the
former first Lady of Downing Street, Terry Thatcher is
one of the best-known and qualified translators and
interpreters in Taiwan, as well one of the most
outspoken Segue moderators. She has been
slandered, raided, and dragged to the tax office as a
result of a certain party on this forum.

Little Iron: Another avocat of honest freelaning and honest work.
This person’s name also appeard on GLOSSIKA’s
hitlist, delivered by registered mail to the owner of this
website. It seems however that the folks at GLOSSIKA
haven’t quite figured out Little Iron’s real identity. To
my knowledge this is a independent entity though, and
a regular and respected contributor to the forum.

“Jay”: A high-quality translator who has also appeared on
GLOSSIKA’s hitlist. However, this person has stated
clearly that he has never worked for GLOSSIKA. (only
decided against working for them after checking their

“Peter”: Another hitlist member who has been keeping a low
profile, staying up the mountain, till this situation has
played itself out.

Gus: Owner of this website (as is obvious). A very honest,
community-oriented and straightforward person who
found himself at the receiving end of one of
GLOSSIKA’s “Pending Lawsuit Notification”
(quote/unquote) letters, in which he was threathened
with legal action of he would not comply with
GLOSSIKA’s requests.

IMS: A legally-registered Taiwanese company which seems
to have had some contact with GLOSSIKA in the past.
Obviously not so anymore. Only one post of IMS was
found, responding to an accusing posting of a third

Marc T. (of MTI): Two posts so far as far as I can see. It seems IMS is
the registered Taiwan subsidiary or affiliate of MTI
Communications. Accusations were made against MTI
and Marc T. has responded to defend his company
(IMS and Marc.T (of MTI) are one and the same???)

GLOSSIKA: The reason all this has started. This, according to
government records, is an illegal non-registered
company. They have threatened a number of people
and companies (some of which are listed above).
Their integrity seems a bit dubious from they way they
have worded their postings and have spammed the
forum. The threads speak for themselves.

James Campbell: = GLOSSIKA (aka Jim, Mike, Michael, Steven
Fiona Campbell: = GLOSSIKA (aka Monique, Irene, Emily, Binbin,
Liebling (Tiara-woman in some of the posts), Chu/Campbell Chan/Xa)

(there may be more aliases, so forgive me if I left a few out)

“I am Impressed”: Posted as guest, but looking at the tone of the
message, could this be another GLOSSIKA posting???

Please note that there are a number of other people and companies who have not participated on this forum yet, although a number of them have either been raided/treathened or not paid…

This list is not complete, so please do not feel offended if you’re not on this list…

Like my mother always said, “It’s all fun and games until someone takes an eye out”.

Geez, with all these pointy sticks out there someone is gonna get poked somewhere nasty.

It would be best if Glossika just kept it’s head down and went really quiet about this. If they really are an illegal company they should stop drawing attention to themselves.

Glossika, posting over here on Segue is about as useless as tits on a bull for your case. Leave it alone.

Has the Glossika thing finally ground to a halt ? What will happen to all these posts ?

I hope they’ve ground to a halt.

After some more quiet time, I’ll ask the forum moderators which forums they should be kept in (Living in Taiwan? Legal Matters??) and then move them over. Then I’ll close the Controversial Threads forum

Let’s give it another week or so.

I’ve combined all but two Glossika related threads into this ONE thread.

This was done for future reference