Gluten free stuff

Pancake and muffin mix at City super grocery.


Only 450NTD for some gluten-feee muffin mix? What a deal! 450NTD is probably more than I spend on groceries all week.

Are you gluten free @tango42?

Needed this thread. One of my friends is a celiac in Taiwan. It’s a challenge, to say the least.

Ha I am not gluten free, it’s mostly a myth anyway but that’s probably a subject for a different thread.


As a fad diet it’s a myth that cutting gluten makes any difference in your health if you don’t actually have a gluten sensitivity. But for people with celiac, that shit’s very real.


The myth makes a difference, gluten is a protein, ‘normal’ people get less protein when eating gluten free. Basically you’re eating less healthy.

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I knew you’d show up in a thread about people not consuming delicious wheat based products. @Belgian_Pie

You can get the GF pancake mix above on iHerb for about 170. So a Taiwan tax here to the order of 230NTD, ouch. Thanks nonetheless :slight_smile:

The myth makes a difference because now that more people know about it, more restaurants have gluten free options, so people with a gluten sensitivity have a relatively better time eating out. Not the case in Taiwan obviously but it’s gotten a lot better in the states.

If you don’t need to be GF but eat that way anyway then well…whatever, dumbass. That’s the way I see it. At least the people who actually need to be GF benefit from it.

I like gluten. What’s the issue?

Eat this with my rice porridge

A person with gluten sensitivity’s immune system reacts adversely to it. Wrongly recognizes it as attacking the body, so it attacks back. Intestines become inflamed, they bloat, and they experience IBS-like symptoms in the bathroom.

I’ve heard it’s actually pretty common in Italian people. Not sure how true that is, though. You might ask your wife if she knows anything about that.

Until they forget about it, oops! Or they still have traces of gluten, oops! If you do gluten free, do gluten free, the whole line, otherwise you’re gambling people’s health.

Always wondered what I was putting into my congee.

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True celiacs basically can’t eat out at restaurants if they don’t have a designated gluten free prep area and tools, sadly. Best just to cook at home if you can’t even tolerate trace amounts.

I’ve never heard of it. It would be so hard to be gluten free in Italy.

Gluten free pasta?

Oddly enough, Italy is supposedly a very gluten free-friendly place since lots of people have to eat GF there. They just make the pasta, pizza, etc using GF substitutes for wheat flour.

Makes me think it must have something to do with your ancestors eating too much of something over time. The body suddenly mutates to reject it? Idk. It’s strange. Really sucks for them though.

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Did you actually read the ingredients list on gluten free products?

I think by law restaurants have to have what common allergens the food has. They have to say which has gluten, shellfish, peanuts etc. But I’ve not seen many gluten free options. And I’m almost certain of cross contamination in a regular restaurant being a problem.

But Italians mostly cook at home. They don’t eat out as much as other people. So I’m some they can just cook themselves.

It’s usually better to just avoid the GF versions of things like pancakes and cookies and stuff, unless you just have a particular craving or want to be able to eat pasta and sandwiches with your friends. The substitutes just don’t taste very good. There are lots of naturally gluten free things to eat, though.