Gmail SMS

[quote=“Wired”]Users of Google’s Gmail service can now send text message chats to mobile phones using the webapp’s built-in Chat feature.

Google is adding the experimental functionality through Gmail Labs. To turn it on, go to the Labs tab within Gmail’s settings. Or, just click on the little green Erlenmeyer flask icon next to your e-mail address at the top of the page in Gmail. If you don’t see the option right away, check back later — Gmail product manager Keith Coleman, who demonstrated the new feature for Webmonkey, says it will be made available in Labs to all Gmail users Thursday evening.

Once the option is turned on, start typing a phone number into Chat’s search box and you’ll see the option to send an SMS.[/quote]

Cool. Can’t access this yet, but it’ll be very useful once available.

The google calendar has a bunch of cool features including appointment reminders by SMS. You can also send a text to put an item on your calendar (some countries only for that one)