Go short on Taiwan stocks the next week while Omicron takes hold

What are your thoughts?

I’ve already liquidated most of my Taiwanese positions - usually the stock market reacts 1-2 days slower than the coronavirus news.

Will you go short on the Taiwanese stocks/ETFs for the next 7-10 days? I think a 5-10% drop is incoming.

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Depends on what stocks you’re looking at.

A lot of the diversified index ETFs are 40% TSMC, which likely won’t be affected much by cases in Taiwan, plus some other tech firms that rely mostly on exports. So be careful with inverse index ETFs.

Maybe look at shorting individual hospitality stocks? However if things don’t go all the way down the drain, you might get burned.

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Yes tsmc and mediatek are the only one which I don’t expect to make big move. Last year in May it went down 10 percent while most of the world was going up

Seems like a risky bet.

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Go long on yellow tape manufacturers



How are you feeling about your decision now?

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Bought back at 10 percent lower…