Go to Australia for the food!

From what i see on TV, Australia looks like a culinary frontier paradise, where stuff is really happening. cheese making, wine making especially, nuvo cusine. man what a place! Any Aussies out there?

Ran, the food in Oz is great. I’m no Aussie but I love the place. Seriously, you can get some great food at a fraction of the cost of London. Much of the time it is cheaper to go out and eat than to cook at home, and if you’re busy you can nip out and have something quick, nutritious and interesting.

Some great wine comes from the Hunter Valley, cheeses too and fantastic beer (DO NOT mention Foster’s :raspberry:) They also do wicked Asian food. In Melbourne there is even a place called The Taiwan Cafe! serving (yep, you guessed it) beef noodles, dumplings and other fantastic Tw food.

Australian food is light years ahead of English food in terms of availability, freshness and choice. Of course there is always going to be exeptions to the rule, but I still rate the food very highly.

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This sounds great!

And [i]lots[/i] of other lip-smacking recipes from the Land of Oz at:


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I spent a week in Melbourne last year and thought the food was bloody fantastic.


My body is a shrine to good Aussie food. 6 years there and 30 extra pounds! :help: I miss it daily.

Great link, Comrade. On my bookmarks.

My only visit to Oz is most memorable for the wonderfulness of the food. Sitting outside overlooking a vineyard dining on flathead caught that day not 5 miles from the kitchen and vegetables from the winery kitchen garden…
In my memory it seems like the road north from Sydney had wineries every five minutes but I know that couldn’t have been the case.
And the veggie burgers with mango relish in a cafe up in the mountains that was originally an old building used in the “Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith” film (AFAIR. Or it might have been his actual house but I don’t think he was a real person, was he?).
Sitting under the passionfruit terrace drinking homemade beer and sharing the space with dozens of tree frogs.
And meat pies in a “hotel” (=pub) in Coff’s Harbor I think it was…
For me, Oz = great food.

sounds like heaven. hey, this ain’t the first time i’ve heard “meat pies” on this site. is that the british version of “chicken pot pie” in the states?

Meat pie in Australia =

a)lovely home made pastry with rich beef gravy and chunks of real steak…yummy


b) sweaty cardboard pastry (grey) runny, peppery sauce of non-organic origin in which swims bits of chewy Pekingese tongue, fried rubber bands, shredded wetsuit and globs of mutton fat…barf! Often referrred to as a “Mystery Bag”

Sadly you’ll encounter (b) most often :frowning:

My brother did that 1-year working holiday thing in Australia. He worked on a building site for a while and said that people would bring these amazing packed lunches they’d made themselves; stuff like foccacia, humus, rocket; “poofy” lunches that would earn the derision of workmates on a British building site.

hey, what is life? eating. no food no life. might as well eat good stuff.

He was working on a yuppie building site then. Most Aussie building site workers would cheerfully bash the “poof” while munching on a meat pie mystery bag at the same time.

I’m just back from Australia and yes, the food is great.

what channels are all these oz foood shows on?

on the travel/knowledge channel or something like that. my favorite show “tony bourdain, a chef’s tour”. the guy is way cool.

bourdain is awesome, the show on bbq in the south of the us is brilliant, as is the thailand and vietnam ones.

Australia’s 2 dollars all you can eat BBQs, can’t beat that. Goes down well with a VB.


Back from 10 days in Oz and yup, I was a very happy bunny there. Ate great Turkish, Japanese, Vietnamese, Greek, Italian, Thai, and Indian food, exactly the kind of multicultural dining that I really miss here in Tainan. Also had some tasty Chinese food - not my choice of restaurant, but y’know, can’t expect the missus to cope for 10 days without any! :slight_smile:

Spent a month back home in Sept/Oct. Apart from the Aussie BBQs which were plentiful, I had a sensational Kangaroo steak at a stonegrill restaurant that was to die for.
I have seen a few of these places in Hsimending near Hankou/Kunming, but I’ve not yet seen Kangaroo meat here. The Taiwanese are aghast at the thought of eating such a cute animal. I love their reactions when I tell them how great they taste with a mushroom sauce!!
Australia- Eating our national emblems for over 60,000 years!

i was looking after some chinese officials once back home and we had a bbq to launch some economic relationship between the 2 sides… when i was asked what we were eating i pulled a 50c piece out of my pocket and pointed to our national emblems…


A beautiful thing, isn’t it!!!