God exists: 1 to 2

Found this amusing

education.guardian.co.uk/higher/ … %2C00.html

All that work to tell us, hey I have no idea if there is a God or not. THANK YOU! Brilliant, huh?

I like the part about the bets at the end :slight_smile: I’ll take any bets at those odds :slight_smile:

Personally, I follow Leibniz’ opinion. If it is possible that god exists, then he exists. If it is not possible, then god doesn’t exist. The one thing that can’t be true is that there are odds about god’s existence.

So, does he give odds on the existence of the devil? Or Buddhist nirvana?

I see we’re being offered 1000-to-1 odds against the Archbishop of Canterbury declaring that Christ has returned. But wait 'til Rowan Williams dies, we just might see the elevation of a believer in Benjamin Creme / Maitreya to that office, and then its money money money!

I bet my eternal salvation that he does not exist.