God Hates Bush; Here's the sign

He even signed His name. The paths of the hurricanes form the letters iota chi IX, which are the initials of Iesus Christos, Greek for Jesus Christ.

Also, the initials of the hurricane names, Ivan, Charlie, Frances could also stand for the Latin sentence Iesus Christus fecit - “Jesus Christ did it”.

Doesn’t the fourth hurricane’s track mess up this theory, though?

Will the hurricanes help Bush in the 2004 election or not? Will sending a lot of federal aid to Florida make people there more sympathetic to Bush?

Speaking of messages from above, I’ve just been doing the laundry and I came across a “sign” in the form of a food stain on a pair of undies: the stain is a perfect likeness of Forumosa’s Captain Stragbasher!! :astonished:

TOTAL BOLLOCKS, this link contains the real path the hurricanes took: snopes.com/politics/bush/hurricane.asp

God loves Bush–here’s the sign:


Not convinced? Here’s another: