God help us -- JESUS is coming back! :runaway: (in Jesus Rolls movie)

Yes, that Jesus!

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Phew— for a second I thought you meant the poster!

I thought you meant the other Jesus… :cry:

He will return. It is written. How long He’ll stick around is another question :slight_smile: He seems to favor short stays


You can put emojis in thread titles? :banana:


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We currently have three of them, but I wouldn’t dare to implicate any of them in this.

Are you saying the Second Coming won’t last very long? :thinking:

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:sweat: :flushed:

I’m probably not going to be there first weekend, and very likely not at all.

Afraid I lack all faith in Hollywoo sequels. For example, I watched the first 25 minutes of El Camino, and it wasn’t exactly the first time they’ve let us down.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me 8,534,564,345 times, shame on me.

Just type : followed by the name of the emoji (e.g. banana) followed by another colon.

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Signs point to no


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You are my new best friend! :dog:


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Ah, but this is a spinoff, not a sequel! :no_no:

Also, it appears to be auteur-driven. :man_artist:

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As long as we both like dancing bananas, it’s all good. :sunglasses:

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Not convincing, sorry.

Likely a bug, not a feature. Not in 2020, not in a world where Disney peddles second-rate plots with first-rate, auteur-level movie talent and is rewarded handsomely for it.

OK, if water isn’t going to be turned into wine, can it at least be turned into beer?

Or sangria

That totally works. I’ll settle for a minor miracle. :grin:

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Dang. This title is clickbait. Had me ready to do this. .

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