Godfather Coda - Rate it!

So, I saw Godfather Coda and must say, while the film is still by far the weakest of the trilogy, this edit fixes a lot of stuff.

It flows better from start to finish. Amazing what some reorganized sequences can do. I caught more details this time and better understood the Vatican angle.

They also eliminated Sofia Coppola’s whiny scenes more. Like you’re a billionaire and your gonna put a whiny 20-something in charge of millions of dollars? Come on Michael…

While it flows better, this seems to expose more of the scripts continuity errors, as well. Like why does Connie introduce Vincent in the beginning then later Michael says, “I always cared for you.” Script issues pretty hard to fix.

Anyhow, you should see this edit but don’t go in thinking Coppola saved the film. Still fun to watch but while before only 5/10…feel the edit only raised it to 6/10.

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