Gogo needs a loving home

Gogo is a pure breed Chihuahua. He was abandoned at Costco in a cardboard box, left on a table in the sweltering heat with no food or water. We took him to the vet right away and he came back with a rather clean bill of health. He’s got earmites which he’s being treated for but should be off the eardrops in a week or 2. I’m sure you’ve noticed his tongue hanging out…hard not to! Gogo doesn’t have a bottom jaw bone. According to the vet, he never did. Looks like he was born that way. But that has in no way hindered him from eating :laughing: He gets softened kibbles and he sure does like them! It seems that whoever had him before didn’t limit how much they gave him so he’s overweight now. But we are working on that. Gogo is a lovely, very happy little guy. If you would like to foster or adopt him, please contact me at Natasha@Bark-Taiwan.org

I judge a man by how he treats his dog.

Taiwanese guys aren’t coming out too well at the moment.

Gogo is ready and waiting for a forever family. Spread the word about this lovely little guy.

Gogo recently found a foster home :discodance: He spends his days lounging around their apartment and sleeping on his little doggie mat. He gets regular walks in the park, located right outside their building. He’s really enjoying life with his foster family but he still hopes to find a forever family.
If you would like to know more about Gogo, you can contact me and I can also put you in touch with his foster family.
Please, let’s get this little guy into a forever home. He really deserves it!

Gogo’s foster family is preparing to leave Taiwan in June. That means Gogo will be looking for a new foster family, or better yet, fur-ever family! If you would like to meet this happy little guy, just send me an email!

Gogo has been ADOPTED :discodance:
I took him up to Taichung on the weekend and his new mommy is so pleased that she wrote: “Last night, he slept all night in his box next to my bed. He is extremely well behaved. He has not yet barked. He is such a little sweetheart. Thank you so much for bringing him!”
We are SO HAPPY for little Gogo! Go, Gogo, go! :slight_smile:

Wonderful news! :notworthy: