Gogoro 2 or Gogoro 3? Which one would you choose and why?

Just like in the topic… Which one and why?

Gogoro3.0 is much more aesthetically pleasing and has cup holders for my brews :beers:

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Really? Seems a little weird to me.


They are idiots when it comes picking colors/color palettes.

Gogoro1.0 is objectively the worst :face_vomiting:

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I think I like 2 the best. The first model is a little ridiculous.

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isn’t Gogoro doing what Tesla does… offering only 3 or so colors?
helps keep down manufacturing or inventory costs

Ahhhh, so that’s why they do it like that. Is that the reason there are so many blue trucks here?

Not sure about right now, but when the 1 and 2 were released there were plenty of colors to choose from.

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How practical / affordable is a new Gogoro compared to your typical scooter that runs on petrol?

I only use my scooter to zip around the neighborhood / city to run quick errands. But my scooter is really aging. More than 13 years old now. I’d like to get a Gogoro to be more environmentally friendly, but the monthly cost? Better or worse for simple short rides?

I currently spend about $300 a month on gas for the scooter.

I didn’t like Gogoro 2.0 at first but now I think it’s great.
3.0…Looks like a granny mobile to me. What’s the point, cheaper manufacturing only ? I saw another blue version and it looked terrible.

The 2.0 has a look of quality about it and they have a lot of add ons, size is right too.

By the way I think gogoro should introduce a bargain basement brand and grow here and overseas faster. Ambitious but not ambitious enough. There’s a big lower part of the market they are missing out on and they could fund expansion by getting more investment if necessary.


Gogoro 2 is certainly the better looking among the three.

I have the same feeling about it.
I’m not sure if there were improvements on the specs, tho.


Every time I see it with these stumpy leg things I think it looks like a plucked chicken


Brilliant, knew there was something weird about it !

and now I can’t un see it


I hate the look of the 3, but the massively extended range and larger trunk would be nice. It also looks like they might have fixed my biggest complaint with my 2, which is that the foot platform (?) isn’t flat, for heaven’s sake. It tilts downward from the middle, and things (shopping, dogs) constantly slide off it.


I also carry a lot of junk in my trunk. Gogoro ver 1 was the best for this tho.

Other than the aesthetics, there are major features removed from gogoro 3.

  1. The reverse button. One major feature past gogoro has over regular scooters is that the reverse button provides power when you want to back up the gogoro from a tight spot. That function seems to be gone from gogoro 3.

  2. The highest recommended speeds for gogoro 3 and gogoro 3 plus respectively are 82km/h and 86km/h. For gogoro 2 series, the highest recommended speeds varies between 86km/h and 92km/h. Gogoro 2 has a better top speed.

  3. Gogoro 2 also has faster acceleration and can go from 0 to 50 within 3.9 to 4.6 seconds, compare to 4.9 and 4.7 seconds of Gogoro 3 and 3 Plus.

  4. Gogoro 2 also has higher power output and higher horse power.

  5. Gogoro 2 has a built in USB plug, and Gogoro 3 doesn’t.

On the flip side, trunk space has been increased by 1.5L. The body is lighter by 7KG. The new body is scratch resistant. It now has a built in cup holder.


Wow, gogoro 3 BTFO!

Why did they make it so much worse?

I thought new models are suppose to have improvements, not downgrades and adding cup holders…

Cost down I’m guessing.


300NT will get you the 100km/month monthly fee.

There’s been a few blogs (written in Chinese) that concurred that Gogoro is in fact more expensive to maintain and for the monthly plan. However, monthly plan doesn’t fluctuate like gas does.

I personally like the G1 if I was single. I’d basically use it for commuting and some basic errands. However, with the gf, the G2 makes more sense. Having to do grocery shopping with her, the trunk space comes in handy.