Gogoro 2


It’s not a lot different to a gasoline engine. My shitty old scooter seems to need a refill every 100km or so, and the tank holds a couple of liters.

Anyway, it’s not really comparable. Electric drivetrains don’t work anything like internal combustion engines from an energy-use point of view. If you ride up and down hills a lot they’re a bit crap. If you’re on the flat, don’t accelerate aggressively, and spend a lot of time in rush-hour traffic, you’ll get a lot more mileage than you would from a tankful of gas.

Anyone know if Gogoros have regenerative braking?


that would be cool, but for that price. I would think not. They really are just trying to make it as cheap as possible with electric engines.


Anyone know if Gogoros have regenerative braking?

The old one did - see here. I don’t know about the new one.


Reading about Gogoro 2, they claim up to 110km per charge with regenerative charging. Plus there is a $499 per month unlimited travel deal at the moment.

I have to speak nice to my girl to help me buy one!


I think the new one has regenerative braking. Don’t quote me on that, was watching an introductory video.

My 125cc scooter, if I’m commuting (about 10km one way) and running some errands here and there throughout the week, it is about one refill a week. Sometimes when I go farther, which is not that often, I can refill twice. In the 4 years I’ve been on the scooter, no more than 2 refills a week.

Battery stations are pretty much every gas station and some other random spots. Probably more recharge stations than gas stations in Taipei.


hmm, I didn’t know there were that many recharge stations. How much is a regular scooter vs a gogoro? Would you ever think about a switch?

One thing I think is cool is that they made it cheaper if you trade in your old one. I think if they really wanted people to move to electric scooters, they would provide incentives for people with gas scooters vs people that already have a gogoro.


[quote=“ranlee, post:45, topic:160501, full:true”]
I think the new one has regenerative braking. Don’t quote me on that, was watching an introductory video.[/quote]
That will make a real difference in city traffic. Of course there are different ways to implement regen, some more sophisticated than others, but even boosting a bit of braking energy back into the battery will extend the mileage considerably.

$499 is a pretty reasonable deal when you consider a two-station trip on the MRT costs $16. Do that 30 times a month and there’s your battery subscription.


After the 2 came out, I would highly consider it. The first gen one just wasn’t practical. Helluva fun ride, but it could barely fit two people on there. I’ve only seen those stick-like couples fit on there, the others and the rear passenger is holding on for their dear life.

A regular scooter, say a Kymco Jockey 125cc, which is a pretty standard get from A to B scooter, probably runs at around 50-60k, depends on the model. The better more mainstream scooters, like the Yamaha Cygnus-X (also 125cc) can run you up to 80K.

The major downside to Gogoro is the battery subscriptions. Someone above mentioned the 499NT unlimited one month promotion right now and that’s an epic steal. However, say you’re on x00km/month charge, you’re set to that distance and if you go over, it’s xNT per extra km. It’s like mom and dad gave you an allowance for gas money and if you use it all, you ain’t going nowhere son! :smiley:

I think the below is not a comprehensive list of gas stations in Taipei, but just to give you an idea of gas stations vs gogoro recharge stations…


Exactly, 499NT is not much. It’s a little more than I would pay for gas on a monthly basis, but not enough to break the bank.


What happens if you want to tiki tour round Wulai? Can you carry a spare battery?


Yeah, that’s the thing, I’m not sure if there’s support if you get stranded. There’s room for an extra battery in the seat compartment in the 2, but I highly doubt the system will allow you to take one extra one.


Thats also one of my worries if I ride scooters. Can I just have an extra one like a spare tire? And lets say i ran out of battery really far from any recharge station, can I recharge it in maybe a regular power socket? or is there like a number i can call for someone to come help me with a new battery?


Just checked, there’s a “save me” hotline for Taipei and New Taipei.

Not sure if it’s unlimited or part of your subscription, but at least you know you are not completely stuck out there if you’re out of juice in the batteries.


Thats good to know, i would consider buying one if I rode scooters.

I still think it would be great if you give an incentive for people who move from a gas scooter to a gogoro.


there is i think


I know government gives you incentive for trading in your old two stroke scooter (which is about to become illegal to ride) for a new scooter.

Not sure if it’s the same for a Gogoro, but you already get a 20k deducation.


Surprisingly China is ahead of the game in electronic scooters. They’re usually really crappy ones. And they didn’t give people much choice, they just took your gas scooter away and never give it back to you or any compensations lol.


wouldn’t say they are ahead of the game when they have had an E-bike industry for years and yet they have produced nothing on the level of gogoro. infact they are copying the design now.

its not like the pollution has even deceased. although i don’t disagree with banning gas bikes in citys. they should be banned here too imo. the majority of people in taipei are not scooter owners, so we are having our living quality brought down quite a few notches by the minority. that doesn’t add up to me.


Yeah, I meant in terms of that the gov gave people no choice and just took your gas scooter lol. They’re more like bikes with electronic engines than a scooter to be honest.

Honestly it’s not just the air pollution but the really the noise pollution that annoys me.


China: electric scooter
Taiwan: smart (electronic) scooter

I am definitely going to go test out the gogoro 2 once the weather doesn’t show 100% rain…