Gogoro Eeyo 1 electric bike

I like the design, can’t wait to test it.


Testing it may be all I can do. It costs 4000 Dollars. People get cars cheaper than this.

Looks amazing though. I think this is more of a prestige product.

Yes the price is very high, hopefully we will see cheaper bikes from Gogoro in the near future.

Top speed of 19 mph? That’s a joke.

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How much is that in real units?

35? I go faster than that when I’m out sprinting buses on a road bike. Also I wonder about the torque? I’d hope it is high.

According to the Gogoro team, the Smartwheel is also more efficient than most e-bikes that use a trustworthy but off-the-shelf Bosch system in-between the pedals. “Most mid-drive systems are somewhere around 50nm (of torque),” a company spokesperson explained. “If we measure ours in force, at the motor, we’re equivalent to 50nm, even though we’re only a 20nm motor.”

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I couldn’t cycle that in most cities, it would get nicked, even though it looks great.

There must be cheaper alternatives! What has Giant put out these days in the 20,000 NT range?

Giant has nothing sexy in the 20k range. Up in the 70k range is where you find the assistive power road bikes.


There is always this one which is being pushed down my throat every time I go on You Tube https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-babymaker-stealth-road-ebike-with-belt-drive#/, if you are a fan of the fund me type of deal, which I am certainly not. Price is good but I suspect the bike may not be.

I won’t name any names, but people buy regular bikes that are more expensive than this. Crazy people, ikr.