GoGoro Electric Scooter - Licence


does somebody know what is require to buy it and drive it? I really like GoGoro but I’m here under a tourist visa. I would purchase one but can I get it from the store just by paying and making and insurance? I hold international driving licence but no arc…:frowning: I hope it’s possible…

There’s no specific electric scooter license in Taiwan, nonetheless, no ARC means no scooter license.

Unless your international driving permit allows you to operate motorcycles, you also shouldn’t be on any kind of scooter or motorcycle.

My driving permit allows me to drive any kind of motorbike. It’s an EU driving licence. So according to what you are saying is i just need to go to the shop and buy it? What about insurance?

Sorry if I wasn’t clear. An international driver’s permit (IDP) that allows you to operate motorcycles, allows you to operate motorcycles/scooter, it doesn’t allow you to buy a motorcycle/scooter.

Buying any kind of vehicle in Taiwan requires you to have a permanent address. Since you’re on a tourist visa and have no permanent address, you can’t legally purchase a vehicle.

I believe in order for you to legally ride a Gogoro, you need someone with a local ID (or ARC) with permanent address to buy it and let you borrow it.

I understand. Argh thanks a lot. I guess this is a bit tricky because anyway the scooter is not mine than. Ill get arc in the following months so ill purchase than. My driving licence will anyway be still valid :slight_smile: thanks a lot

Well but what about Uniform ID? I was going to get one. Is it good to own a scooter?


I would suggest you get the local scooter license, to my knowledge, an IDP has to be renewed every year, right? Local license is a half day affair, you can take the test in English and the road test is an utter joke. Total comes to around 200-500NT.

As for the Gogoro, there’s a huge government rebate for buying them, but you need to have a local ID. If you don’t, you’re lucking out on rebates starting at around 13-14,000NT. Once the transactions and paperwork has gone through, I believe you can transfer the scooter to your name.

My friend had the uniform ID and despite what the article says…

opening a bank account
getting better mobile services
registering a smart card for use with a public bike system
some claim even registering scooter to your name is possible
paying taxes and possibly more

He needed his gf to co-sign the bank account and the phone contract

Also, some dude in the comment’s section wrote this:

Michael Hartman • 2 years ago
I just spent almost 3 hours at Kaohsiung Motor Vehicles Office trying to change ownership of a motorcycle to my name using the Uniform ID with no succes. So the conclusion is: no, Uniform ID is not enough to register a motorcycle to your name in Taiwan.

I’ve never heard of anyone successfully buying a scooter with the uniform ID, however, doesn’t hurt to try.

The other points, yes, it’s helpful, but I haven’t seen high success rates with them. If you read up on the forums, people have jumped through hoops of fire to open bank accounts in Taiwan, even if they have higher than average salaries AND ARC. Don’t get me started with applying for a credit card. That’s like jumping through hoops of fire over a pool of piranhas.