Gogoro electric scooter

We should suggest to add identification by Forumosa account :banana:

WeMo account all set up. I’m ready to go the next time I’m in Taipei :smiley:

WeMo account approval is not automatic and it takes a few hours if all information is complete. No issues with ARC ID.
They also have some prepay plans if you are going to use it often.

Kudos to the energy, passion and grunt work of posters here on the ins and outs of this fairly complex electric vehicle sharing economy. I take my hat off to you

It was very fast for me. I submitted everything at 4:00PM, got an email back at 4:25PM that my account had been approved and ready to go. I like that they have different usage plans in addition to the flat rate, something that GoShare doesn’t have (yet?).


And the cops are now on Gogoro.


Yeah I saw that last week. :grin:

On the main floor of my building today there’s a big glitzy launch for some kind of Go sharing, not sure which one it is…maybe U Go???

ETA: Nope, my mistake, it’s Go share

They would be less dangerous if the headlight would turn in the direction you’re turning. Instead of being stationary and only pointing forward.

Well I’m now considering buying one anyway and dumping the gas burning one that I never ride.

What vehicle actually does this?

Almost all the regular scooters have a headlight on the handlebars that turns when you turn the handle bar. Motorcycles obviously do this.

Gogoro does not.

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i drove one of the goshares yesterday… i totally love it. its a beautiful smooth ride. makes me want to buy one.

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So happy to see this! Start a revolution guys!!!

Some scooters have this, and some motorcycles.
A lot are built into the fairing or head bracket to stop you dazzling other road users when turning. Some safety groups want fixed headlights on all bikes especially with the new more powerful lights.

Maybe they are planning ahead in case laws change.

Been Riding the Go Share for a while now, its much better than the Kymco Wemo in terms of handling and power, also has a cool wireless charging phone holder


I might have to actually get my scooter license finally. :sunglasses:

Shouldn’t cops be on the most sturdy stuff?

Especially the fat one who put hands on MM :wink:

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Just been told there will be another company releasing a scooter using the gogoro power package at the end of this month. More options on the market the better, and this time the styling should be different.