Gogoro S2 ABS vs Yamaha EC-05

Hey guys. Loved Gogoro since I test drove one over a year ago. Finally gonna pull the trigger, before govt subsidies drop too much more (2020) and Gogoro network raises it’s fees (30/09/19).
Looks aside, I want you opinion on practicality and resale potential.

So. The EC-05 seems to have a longer/bigger back seat. If bought on loan, it comes with a 90k theft and fire insurance (free from Yamaha).
It can be serviced at any Yamaha dealership, and will have a Yamaha fanbase for it’s resale. Also, some Gogoro fans consider it a Gogoro (though, strangely, not the Aeon Ai-1)
Price: 99,800; after rebate 75k

The Gogoro S2 ABS has much better (rain specific) tires, and, well, ABS for those crazy a#!&$! Who turn right onto through fares without stopping.
Price 105,890. Extra 4k Abs rebate brings it to 78900.
Love the color. Also, has a cool credit card like proximity key. Top tech here.
Biggest plus: a 2yr old Gogoro sells for 65-90k because ppl are in love with them. The salesppl are nitwits specialized in telling you where to sign. Pretty frustrating. But that’s what you get w a product that sells itself.

They both have the same suspension, and in theory are equally fast… Though I felt the S2 was faster. My wife also feels she needs a backrest on it. I can see where shes coming from. My buddy left me at the light when we first test drove it those many months ago.

So. What do you guys think?
The Yamaha is probably comfortable. But, being brand new, it has no accessories, where the S2 has a plethora (and can have a basket).
I’m thinking… Gogoro now, sell it in 2 years and buy a 2nd hand, modded Yamaha than.

Oh, btw, PGO is also making a Gogoro network bike. No news yet tho…


Just for comparison. This is the Aeon Ai-1.
Has an S2 motor. Shorter seat. Look where the seat pegs are.
Prob with the same 18-24k refund.
Lower quality seat. Last year Gogoro suspension. And Aeon brakes and reservoirs (Yamaha used Gogoro, and this year’s upgraded suspension).
Prob has bad resale value due to ppl not trusting Hongjiateng reliability

IMG_20190902_134110 IMG_20190902_134644 IMG_20190902_135128