Going back to Taiwan during Covid with my husband

My husband and I are currently in US, we’re trying to go back to Taiwan together. We’re wondering if anyone evert try to apply for ARC from the US before, we don’t know where to get the health check here, where to authorize the marriage certificate. Anyone has the experience please kindly help us :hugs:

A little bit off topic, but also related. Are you returning because Taiwan seems to be handling covid better? Or because of anti-asian racism that has been increasing in the US due to covid?

Try getting in touch with the closest TECO. They should be able to answer all your questions.

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If they were Taiwanese they just fly in.

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Yes, but that doesn’t answer the question I asked her. It sounds like she’s Taiwanese and her husband is not. And I am wondering why they want to come to Taiwan.

Question seems a bit personal. Perhaps it’s none of your business? And not really relevant to OP’s inquiry.


There’s more than just Covid to come back to Taiwan.
Take care of a relative in dire (health) need.
Job transfer.
And other reasons.
So, not important to know why.


I realize that. But I am evaluating the situation in the US. And if she is asking for help here, why can’t we ask her to inform us as to how things are in the US?

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You can do what you want. It could be something that’s personal and it’s a bit awkward, especially considering that’s not what the OP’s thread is even about.

I am doing what I want. If the OP wanted to answer, she would have already. Your rebuke is not necessary.


@keoni and @DrewC

Just leave it at that, alright?

Let’s try to answer:

  • How to apply for ARC from the US
  • Where to get the health check
  • Where to authorize the marriage certificate


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I think it’s not really our business.

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Let’s move on…

That horse has already been beaten.

Yes :grin::grinning:
Let’s all move on people.

I agree let TECO handle it.

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Technically, these steps are for China, but it may be good to read it over as some of the steps may still apply.

pre-travel covid test info

You don’t. You apply for the visitor visa or resident visa depending on how long you want to stay here. If you’re already a Taiwan citizen, then your husband can probably try to get the JFRV (Joining Family Resident Visa). But that might require you to be here first.

After you arrive, then you can go apply for the ARC.


COVID is ok in Bay Area
We are Living our lives pretty normally
Restaurants do
Take out and now are allowed outdoor dining again
Movie theatres and gyms are closed and going bankrupt

Most people are working from home
Or essential workers those that still have a job

We are not living in fear
It’s not so bad that someone in the Bay Area needs to run back to Taiwan

We have free COVID tests if needed as long as you can wait a day or two for results

If you need it faster you may have to pay $110 to $150-$380 depending on what kind of test you need

I do wanna stress that living here in the bay area things are OK it’s not that bad it’s not like people are dying left and right and everybody’s living in mortal fear it’s not like that at all

We wear a mask in public places and that’s about it

Most retail stores are open the ones that haven’t gone bankrupt and all the supermarkets and other essential markets are open

So once again it’s not so bad that one has to get on a plane and flee to Taiwan


Oh and we are slowly getting inoculated about 1 million people in California so far but mostly people that are older they’re dealing with people that are 75 and older first and go down to the 65 and older and then down to the 55 and older and so forth so there’s a website we can sign on we can wait our turn

I think the vaccine is going to be free mostly a charge to the insurance company or if you don’t have insurance it’s still gonna be free anyway it’s a national health concern

Couple of my friends got the Pfizer vaccine already and they’re still alive

I think I want a Moderna Vaccine

Can’t wait for this whole Covid thing to end