Going back to USA for 10 days--sim card or chunghwa?


I’m going to the US for 10 days in November. I have a sony unlocked phone and we’re on a contract with Chunghwa. Does anybody have advice on cheapest/easiest way to do phone service/data in the States? I think I remember some people adding a service with Chunghwa to let them use it in the States? Has anyone ever had a SIM card sent to them? About 6-7 years ago I ordered a 14 day card on Amazon but those don’t seem to exist anymore. Any thoughts?


I picked up a T-Mobile SIM card for cheap at Wal-Mart the last time I went State-side.


Pre-paid Sim cards at Wal-mart are usually like $40 for 30 days. I don’t remember seeing any cheaper options.

You might also consider who will be calling you. If you have an international number and they have a local number, that might cause some problems if their cell plan doesn’t allow international text or calls (plus the more expensive price for them)


There are a number of companies selling Sim Cards in Taiwan for use abroad. They have choices with large data packages and voice if you need. Some companies I have used before and have never had problems with are: aerobile and wihoshop.

Just checked quickly you can get a t-mobile 12-day unlimited data and unlimited calls for 1600twd. It’s a little expensive but they have cheaper options too.


Will have the same issue going back to US visiting my parents in December. I found T-Mobile has ‘tourist’ plan that you can pickup in store or have it mailed to a US address in 1-2 weeks. Costs $30.00 for 3 weeks usage and they ship 3 different SIM card sizes.

Includes unlimited data (up to 2GB at 4G LTE speed), unlimited domestic and international texting to 140+ countries and destinations, and 1000 minutes of domestic talk within the U.S. Service lasts for 3 weeks, no renewals.

AT&T also has a “prepaid” version but seems more expensive @ $35.00 - lasts 4 weeks and 1GB of data.


Exactly what I did last time I was in the US, but I think I got mine at Target. OP should have no problem.


I agree with @Steve4nLanguage and @Yang_Gui_Zi , Tmobile SIM should suffice.

You can actually buy the SIM here in Taiwan and have it with you when you land.

Here’s @Andrew0409 's account when he had a similar issue…


Try this place, reasonably priced with different packages. Worked great and I liked that it worked right when I landed.



Check this place called “AeroBile” on the end of my updated thread. Works great.


Thanks also, it looks like something like tphoneusa or aerobile is what I need. I won’t have a car when I get there and am doing a torturous busride to get to small town family, so I’d like to get the card before I go. I’ll try to report back on how it goes.


I got a great deal at the AT&T store. But it was only for voice calling and it was a few years ago.