Going fishing tomorrow! Any suggestions?

I’m going to try my luck fishing the part of the Danshui River that runs next to Luzhou, Taipei County. I’m going to take some raw prawn and fish pieces that I feed to my fish tanks as bait, and maybe I’ll buy some earthworms at a fishing shop.

Any suggestions / ideas what I might catch?

Thanks! :slight_smile:



best not to eat anything you catch there… or pretty much anywhere in the north and west of taiwan, sea or river.


…and from the sound of it, although I am a bit skeptical, think – Catch, Click & Release.

You’ll catch tilapia, mostly. Don’t touch them with your hands when you catch them. Some carp and catfish, maybe, but the river down there is probably too toxic for them.
Take some moist antiseptic towellettes with you and use them often. Despite your skepticism, maoman’s right.
If you want to go fishing in relative safety, take the MRT to Bitan and fish there. I still wouldn’t eat the fish but the water’s safe enough.

Sandy -
Wow…what a shame. Tlapia is a good eating fish when its safe. Good advice.