Going from resident visa to ARC, proof of taxes?

I’m planning to come to Taiwan on a working holiday visa in a month or so, as a British person the process is receiving a residence visa first then when you arrive you need to apply for an ARC within 30 days (used to be 15 but due to quarantine rules they changed it).

I was in Taiwan doing visa runs for 2019 and most of 2020 and did not go to file taxes this year for 2019. My question is will I need proof of tax receipts to get the ARC? I see some people have said yes in other posts when discussing work based ARCs, some no/maybe and some say it’s when applying for a work permit they require it, which for the working holiday I won’t be needing.

Appreciate if anyone can share their own experiences if they’ve been in this situation or one similar.

My guess is it depends on the officer handling your application.

It’s weird that the UK gets this special treatment. Which actually makes the term ‘working holiday visa’ nonsensical.

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I imagine it’s because the U.K. gives Taiwanese a 2 year working holiday visa with no restrictions on work durations

That’s really not the purpose of a ‘holiday’, just call it work.

They also use the term “youth mobility” when they feel like it.

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