Going from Work ARC to Marriage-Based ARC (JFRV), no need for background check or medical exam

I just today transfered my white collar work based ARC to a JFRW based on household registration. I didn’t need to show either a background check or a medical exam to do so, even though it says both are needed on the website. My guess is that if you’re going from a visitors visa to a JFRW then you’ll need those two documents since you’re completely new to their system. Anyone who’s currently working here already and planning on obtaining a JFRW need not worry about dealing with the hassle and wait of getting the background check. Keep in mind though, that I did get married here and do have household registration. It might be different under other circumstances.

If I should update this info at all, or add it to an already existing thread let me know and I’ll do so. I want this info to be easily found when searched for in the future.

It’s JFR V (fixed the title for you).

We recently had a discussion about this:

Summary: we should say “marriage-based ARC” when talking about an ARC obtained through marriage (the kind of ARC you get when you have a JFRV), which I think is what you’re talking about here.

Anyway thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:

Cheers for that correction, and for the updated title suggestion, I’ll update it. I’m thinking it also wise to leave JFRV in the title too for those who are confused by the whole naming situation. I did go through most of that thread you linked to beforehand, but got even more confused after reading thru it since there’s a lot of back and forth on the subject with no clear outcome.

I confused OP’s situation with different one, so removed.

I was able to read your original message and I wasn’t actually aware that there were indeed official exemptions for both the health check and background check. I thought that it was just an unofficial loophole, which was why I posted it here, for others to know about. Since it is indeed official that makes it all the more better!

Being married, I also want to apply for this special married visa thingamajig (refuse to learn the proper acronym), but I’d like to avoid the time and money associated with filing for an FBI check in 'Murica.

So is the background check needed or what? Did OP’s immigration hack just mess up by not asking for it?

Did you pay for the JFRV? And do you ever renew it?

You shouldn’t need a background check. Beforehand on two separate occasions we called to verify what was actually needed and both times they said background check wasn’t needed. You can always call them, and let them know you’re exact situation in order to get the correct information for your circumstances. But if your circumstances are just like mine then you shouldn’t need it.

I had to pay NT$1000. They took my Work ARC and gave me a temporary paper Marriage ARC until the normal one comes in the mail. I think it needs to be renewed the first year, then every 3 years after that.

I believe you were not issued a JFRV (visa), but just renewed your ARC with a modified reason of residence. Health check and background check are not the requirements to renew or apply for an ARC.

How does a foreigner renew or apply for an ARC?(Serial No. 0902)

A passport with resident visa.( A foreign national applying for modifications in the reasons for residency pursuant to Paragraph 2 of Article 23 of the Act, is exempt from being examined for an entry visa)

Paragraph 2 of Article 23 of the Immigration Act

Where an alien enters the State with a residence visa meets any of the circumstances mentioned in the preceding Paragraph due to the change of the reasons for residence, he/she shall apply to National Immigration Agency for modification of reasons for residence. An alien who falls under the exceptions provided under Subparagraph 1 of the preceding Paragraph shall not apply.

I think you may be correct, but I don’t know if what I did falls under renewal since I changed the type of ARC it is. It’s all very confusing when trying to get into the details of what actually took place. The separation of the visa from the ARC too just adds another element to the headache. Either way, as long as others know that it’s possible to do so without the need for a medical exam and background check then I’m satisfied.

100% agree, and it is true not only in Taiwan but in most countries, I guess. At least it’s as much as oif not more complicated in USA.

I can’t even imagine the hassle of dealing with a similar situation in the US, the fine print must go on for ages…

Correct, I had to get a background check from Taiwan and a medical cert when I went from visitor to marriage based arc.