Going the distance

Did my first metric century ever today–100.22 kms (I’m not in Taiwan anymore, but am back in Canada). Oh, on a bicycle, that is. I averaged 26.0 km/h. I’m “well chuffed,” as they say. I felt good and strong up to about the 80-km mark, which was when my body started to ache from being on the bike so long.

Now that I’ve joined this elite and illustrious club I’m feeling a bit bold, and thought I’d pose the question to the cyclists in F.com-land: what’s the longest ride you’ve ever done?

Longest bike ride? Only did it once, but finished the Vineman (www.vineman.com). The full version. 112-Mile bike ride sandwiched between a river swim and a marathon.

Best thing about it (besides the big feeling of accomplishment) was that I was ripped for about a month afterwards. Pure muscle, no fat. Think I remember losing about 10lbs that race.