Going to Berlin - What should I see?

Are there any Berliners in here, or people who’ve been to Berlin, who can give me some tips on what to see and where to go??

I’m staying with some buddies in June/July and my girlfriend’s gonna be there too…so any romantic sights would be appreciated too.


The love parade happens at that time.

Checkpoint Charlie musuem is a must and the Russian war memorial is pretty cool. Go do some nude sunbathing in Victoria Park. And the old Gestapo headquarters is worth a look. River tours, the 100 bus, rent a bike. Go walk through the Brandenburg Gate down Unter Den Linden to the TV tower.

Oh, and watch out for people having a good time. There’s always a danger of running into people dancing around fires in the parks, raves in ATM lobbies at banks, unlicensed ABBA discos in people’s attics, Sunday jazz bands in great little pubs, massive nightclubs, music festivals, random parties, cellar bars. Berlin is madness. I lived there for nearly three years and don’t remember any of it.