Going to Canada(?)

No. That place has Coronavirus.

I won’t go anywhere that forces me to quarantine. I have the luxury of waiting.


Here you go!

“A new real-world study finds fewer side effects after vaccination with the Pfizer/BioNTech and the AstraZeneca/Oxford COVID-19 vaccines than reported in phase 3 clinical trials, while another paper notes some instances of facial paralysis after receipt of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine but no increased risk.”

Well if Silk Pony Trudeau trusts it, it must be all right. :smile: :smile: :smile:

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People flying from taiwan should get more clearance based on the fact we are from taiwan and not chinese shills with no brains. Not because people are vaccinated.

If anything, taiwan should be treating canadians entering taiwan as dirty plague ridden rodents cause the canadian government is innept and slow at doing literally everything.

So what you’re saying is that the dream of a travel bubble between Taiwan and Canada remains on the distant horizon? :rofl:


You don’t even see the horizon!

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What a pitty, eh?

Actually i have been trying to go back home for a visit for years but keeps getting cancelled. Im sure lots of people want to see their families…but as long as the human species keeps being silly, not in the cards.

Must be difficult to get out of the boonies.

You think Canadians are all that bad? Look at Brazil and India.

The Trudeau and each provincial government’s D grade performance should not be justified simply because Brazil is doing worse.


Sigh. Always someone worse. Canada is still shit, and it has everything to do with BOTH D grade government and D grade society doing the “oh well, ya know” stance canadians are so famous for. India and Brazil may well be worse than Canada, but neither are because of human rights warriors supporting china all the time, because, well, you know… Aka. Canada.

Everytime i ask my progressive family and friends.back home (i am canadian) and they complain. I.mention to them that time trump wanted to close the border from chinese entering based kn virus, and all the racist police banged their drums and the us wen to shit. I hate trump, but its a thing that happened. now all the canadians are acreaming close the border to us visitors (for the same.reason as chibese ines), not a peep.

I hope they enjoy rotting in their own idiocy. this year i didnt bother booking tickets to visit. Maybe its time to see vietnam, another country that seems to handle their shit well as it turns out, and they have a border with the most corrupt place on earth that gave us the virus.

The west should be begging us (taiwan). For more than just virus consulting…


This is a bit much. Many of us have family there.

I do hope Canada gets its act together. :slightly_frowning_face:



Sorry, should of clarified. I.mean in their quarantine, closed services due to incompetence. I very much do not mean wanting people to get sick and die. i have family there too.

if the government and soceity is so blind and incapable of common sense, i hope they enjoy that choice of not going out much, travelling etc because it is what they chose. I wish they hadnt chose that path, but not my call.

You should visit Cambodia. They handled it real good too.

I sent an email yesterday to one of the employers in Canada. I told them that I officially
accept the job they offered me. They gave me until May 10th to accept it, but I accepted
it way beforehand. I still have yet to hear from them.

Bon voyage.

The U.S./Canada border was closed a long time ago. You probably know that.
Kind of fuqqed up. Used to be the longest most peaceful unguarded (military-wise) border in the world. Now it could be year(s) before trips can be made across the border by either side.

Damn. At first i thought you were being sarcastic, but cambodia is doing great! been there a lot already. I like hiking too much and old american explosives too little to want to go back.

If you want to go to Cambodia right now during the pandemic, you will be required to pay US$6,000.

Probably the same for a quarantine hotel and food, then the trip to get home in canada haha.