Going to Canada(?)

Goodbye. You’ll be sorely missed.

The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines have similar clot risks. But they are more effective vaccines.

The risk of blot clots that result from Covid-19 is about 10 times greater.

So any vaccine is better than Covid and all the vaccines have similar risks.

There are already really weird conspiracies regarding vaccines, such as vaccines containing nano bots, mind control, etc.

Attitudes like this is going to prolong the pandemic.

Conspiracies are bad. Conspiracy theories are unknown. I think what gives the crazies ammo in their words is when you ha e places like china, which is shady as all fuck, comin out with vaccines and.covering.up deaths and problems. In these situations a person should be a bit skeptikal, not just a blind sheep.

The idea of vaccines is absolutely 100%.

In the situation a country gidts the world with a bad virus and.covers it up a lot. Gets caught. Somehow gets internationa health bodies and national governments to gelp hide it. Expand territory and make military bases in othe people countries etc etc. Yes, you should be skeptical. This isnt anti vaccine, its anti whatever the fuck china is on about.

I dont currently get the vaccine cause im young and healthy and dont visit people.much due to my work. Im waiting for the more standard period of time a vaccine gets developed. I sure as shit wont take anything that is made by, or transited through, china. But i am pro vaccine absolutely!

I think people are still fadcinated with their cheap shiny.gadgets too much to realise there might be worth pretty big problem looming. China is clumsy, but not wrong. They assume we are like an.animal trapped in awe at some.shiny trinket (say iphone, netflix, 2 for 1 burgers etc) to pay attention to the chess game that is currently being played.

You can’t blame China for people wanting cheap shit.

Iphones, netflix, etc. are all made by Americans. It’s just that those Americans wants stuff made cheaply so they can make profit, and the government gave them massive subsidies to move those production to China.

America reaped what they sow.

In the end, USA and PRC are just as bad. No one can claim to be the saint here. Governments are always corrupt.

Everyone wants more for less, i agree. I dont blame china for making a product. I blame china for being extremely oppressive and polluting the planet to make said products for ignorant sheep. This is why i dont agree when people think china is so amazing. Or actually buy into the taiwan miracle. When places sell out their people, their environment and etc to make shit fast and cheap with total disregard for anything but profit i dont find them amazing or a miracle. I like them to heroin dealers making an easy buck. Just like cartels gave their people food nd security at the cost of you know what, taiwan gave taiwan meidcal care at the cost of bad health. Ironic. China just let people get rich at the cost of everything, and now they are even clamping down on people making money. Civil war is in.evitable there, again. I just hope its before they cause ww3.

If somone can improve the environment, treat their communtiy and employees well and become profutable, then i am amazed and give said person/group massive respect. In the beginning i held such views on google and tesla, but they ecame.corrupted so fuck them.

America just decided they will pollute some other country than their own to make cheap shit.

Fact is if you want products, but don’t want to pollute, then we will have to accept having less stuff.

You want to know what’s the most environmental? Everyone living in abject poverty while the few enjoy everything. That was how it was in the medieval age.

America decided that for “rare” earth metals, which really aren’t rare, too.

Let China mess up their environment first.

First 2 paragraphs i agree. 3rd paragraph you are wrong because we can easily avoid that. I
We have the tech, know how and foresight to not be doing this and that. We only lack compassion, sympathy and effort. People are generally psychopthic nowadays.

If you think taiwanese are less entitled than americans, you have another thing coming. dont get me wrong i am not excusing americans, or any nationality. In fact i am the most harsh about canadians. Why? Because canadians keep feeling superior about how woke we are. How much we value every race, support womens rights, gay rights, first nations rights etc. To them i say look at the back of your whatever gadget and ask yourself what about the minortiy in jail making it? What about that countrys treatment of women. That countries minorities Etc. It annoys me that such a higher than though culture is totally fine with buy ing shit in walmart made by slaves. In a country that gets sterilized and their wives impregnated to turn the race around. Not so different to the residential school system in canada before, except done far more surgically and on a scale never before seen.

So everytime i see one of these extreme human rights people, especially in canada, talk about the new iphone, i literally want to puke. Fuck them. But that doesnt take away from the fact China is the place actually DOING it, the people buying their blood ridden shit are supporting it. Giving them a pass because america whatever is only helping the ccp do their ethnic cleansing and funding their nazi regime. Hows that?

Ps. Taiwanese are like the jews in europe in the early 1930s. Not yet fucked. But we know full well we are about to be fucked. And people here STILL support china, the knt and the whole load of fast gain bullshit. See my avatar? And the morons here STILL think knt is a good vote.

Sometimes we can only just concede we deserve a reduction in population. Its just so sad to see people are so ignorant, immoral and so sellfish

I think the KMTs voting demographic is dying out.

This is not really about going to Canada anymore. It’s all over the place really, let’s get back to the Canada topic, alright?

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Yes, fair point.

I am not visiting canada because they are still in chinas pocket and if i go there i am far more likely to get the ccp virus than staying in taiwan, which remains safe. As such, i am avoiding the vaccine until more time elapses and i can be sure the zombie apocolypse does not ensue.

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Actually I’m unsure about what the original topic was supposed to be. Note this later post from the OP; despite the topic title and original post, I think this thread was actually supposed to be (yet more) career advice, and that our original answers about traveling to Canada were already off-topic. Emphasis added below.

I have to wait until May 20th to see whether or not the executive commitee will approve of
my hiring or not. If they do not approve then that’s OK because that will give me the option of staying here, if my employer gives me the chance to stay.

TBH, I never had any good luck with renewing my contracts with the same school here in Taiwan. If my current employer gives me another chance, then that will be a blessing.

I don’t think getting a contract renewed is just down to good luck. If I were in your shoes I would look at this situation logically based on experience and assume that my Taiwanese employer isn’t going to renew my contract. Therefore, I am going to Canada.


I am winding down to 9 weeks before my contract ends. I still have yet to hear from the people here in Taiwan regarding my contract. As long as I got something to fall back on in Canada, I cannot go wrong.

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