Gokube (scooter) and beach wear (bikini) interesting partnership

Nice summer video, and nice GOKU service (seems sponsored by city) but never saw anyone in a bikini in town (maybe only at NSYS Uni beach)

This was literally my business plan in Taichung but instead of scooters I was just going to have a chain of tie pi wu coffeeshops with bikini girls. Everything goes well with bikinis. Except airport runways.

pS Why do 20 somethings look like complete knob ends to me now? :thinking::grin:


so what happened to your plan?

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good thing they didnt cause any accidents.
i can see a case of riding in bikini in green island or fulung or orchid island or penghu or kenting but not just anywhere.

It’s still waiting to be put into action .

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Especially just when you happen to visit those places.

This anywhere, looks like Kaoshiung Central Park (Starting point) to the coast/beach so at least part of it is the beach.

This year maybe??? Good year for local attractions.

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… and hot water or coffee!

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Good point that I never thought of . :grin:

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Keep us updated, post your trading hours.

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I might try launching in Taoyuan first :grinning:

You can’t open one within 200 m from a school.

Why it’s not a bar ? They wouldn’t be wearing proper bikinis unless at the beach branches.