Gold Card as American Citizen with Chinese (Mainland) Citizen Spouse

Hi! I am an American citizen looking into applying for the Gold Card to gain temporary residency in Taiwan. Through all my research, I meet the eligibility requirements and would not have a difficult time obtaining the Gold Card myself.

However, I’ve run into a bit of a research dead end when trying to figure out how to bring my wife with me. She is a citizen of mainland China with a Chinese passport, but a US permanent resident (with a green card), and has resided outside of China in the US for the last 10+ years.

I cannot find a straightforward answer on whether she would be allowed to apply as a spouse. Even the online application portal for the Gold Card process only has “People’s Republic of China (Taiwan)” as an option for “Nationality.”

I recognize this is a bit of a complicated situation, but was hoping someone has had a similar experience.

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Instruction in Chinese

Kind of visitor/resident visa

Kind of resident visa (pdf file)

[seems this is an old version and included in the above instruction]

she should apply as a people in mainland area, not as a foreigner.
I’ll look for English version later, if necessary.