Gold in Taiwan vs Malaysia

Hi I am traveling to Malaysia next week for the first time. I am a newbie in regards to buying gold.

I read something that Malaysia produces its own bullion coin, can I buy this from the bank? Is it a good investment in general as I can resell this anywhere around the world to get the current gold pricing for it? Does it appreciate from rarity or collectibility?

Also I am from Taiwan do you know in general if it’s cheaper to buy as close to pure gold as possible in Malaysia or it’s cheaper in Taiwan?

Thanks in advance

you live in Taiwan?
Buy it in Taiwan. Prices are very good, compared to the market.
Go to Bank of Taiwan. Plenty of bullion to buy there, or even go to gold/jewelry shops which usually have something.
Why would you think of buying it in another country and then have to deal with bringing it back and declaring it when you arrive at an airport in Taiwan?

I live here in Taiwan, what exactly do you mean prices are very good compared to the market? I thought gold prices are standard everywhere, per weight.
I was thinking to buy from Malaysia because I thought perhaps buying a bullion coin made there in its own country is cheaper than buying it elsewhere

What it means is that the price per ounce in taiwan is nearly what the market sells/trades it for around the world. You’ll pay about 1.5%-3% more than “market price”.
You will NOT find gold “cheaper” elsewhere, just because it is produced there. Canada makes Maple Leaf gold coins. That does NOT mean you should go to Canada and buy that coin there. Same with the U.S. It makes Gold Eagles. It does not mean you should fly to the U.S. and buy it there. Same with Krugerands in South Africa.
Why make your life so complicated?
Just buy gold in the country where you live.

And, Malaysia is certainly not a gold-producing country in terms of any discernible volume. China, Australia, Russia, U.S., and Canada are. Who told you that Malaysia is a big player in the gold market? They are not.

What that guy above said. If you are perhaps looking to buy something as a collectible to hold on to then maybe buy a small piece that will definitely come nowhere near your $10,000US entry limit otherwise just buy here in Taiwan.

I got it, thanks for all the great info. So normally going to a bank to buy coins here is my safest bet for a small investment?

It’s usually even cheaper to buy gold ETFs, unless you want to hold on to them for decades. The fees on these are minimal and you can sell any time you want without a discount.

I buy my gold and silver from Unless you are into numismatics and maylasia has some collectible bullion, buy the cheapest bars / coins you can find.

Actually, the best thing is to open up a bank account AND a gold account at Bank of Taiwan. In the gold account, you can buy/sell gold (like an ETF) and it’s just credited/debited from that “paper” account from whatever action you take.

Moreover, if you so desire, you can then ask for the gold in that “paper” account to be given to you in real gold (bars) for a very small fee. This may be different for a foreigner, but not a local. If you are foreigner, then buy gold bar/coin at any jewelery 銀樓 shop.

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Great tips, I got lots to learn, thanks
Just wondering about certificates given out by jewelers in Taiwan, is it recognizable worldwide?

if you buy UBS gold bars (100g, 250g, etc.), then you should get a certificate from the seller/Bank of Taiwan that corresponds to that serial number on the bar. I say “should”. Sometimes, the store may just sign a receipt for you in chinese “guaranteeing” it, but you’ll see when you enter a store and ask them yourself.

Bank of Taiwan will definitely give you a certificate for the bar they sell you over the counter.

There only place besides Bank of Taiwan that I know sells Gold/Silver bars and coins is Truney near Main Station.