Gold Stars Under My Name - What Do They Mean?

Hey, thanks for the stars… the two right under my name. Why did I get them? Any rules or anything?

You get one for each year that you have been a member of forumosa.

You have two now, so since you joined in Oct. 2000 then come Oct. 2003 you will get star #3.

For some reason Gus made the announcement a while back in the Events Forum.

Hey Mr. He!
Why don’t we start a two star club?
Only those with two stars can join. How many of us are there, anyway?

then post some more. Welcome to the two star club…

So I’ll get my first star on June 09, 2003… :smiley: Maybe the rule is not as simple as stated above. Actually, I think it has to be a set of rules inspired by the regulations for redeeming your bonus miles on certain airlines.

Something like: “You get one star for each year you have been a member of forumosa. This does not apply if your name is longer than 10 characters, you live in a country or territory smaller than Taiwan, your avatar is more than 8 pixels wide or your guanxi divided by your number of posts is less than a random number between 1 and infinity. Furthermore, there is only a limited number of stars available each year. They are distributed on a transparent and fair first-come, first-served basis or by any system we determine to be appropriate.”


Yes, strange. If it was just the date then I would also have a star. Is there also a minimum number of posts needed to earn one?

I’m guessing you have to have made 250 posts to get stars. Come on, is 30 posts a year really worth a star ? :laughing:

Yes, if they’re 30 good ones. Some of my favourite posters are those who don’t necessarily post every day, or even every week, but when they do, always post useful, insightful or very helpful stuff.

Sorry to go all Pollyanna on you…

Let me put it another way, the stars are a little gift for sticking with us, and having a lot to say, no matter how good it is, same with the poster rankings. If you’re after a measure of quality not quantity, the old ratings system (the first one) did that.

keep the stars send me a hong bao.


Oh, I see. :cry:

BTW, what do you think of my new avatar: :laughing:

Just kidding. :wink:

Well, then we need a rating system combining quantity and quality. Can we still rank posts?

Not now – and the entire forums is a bit too buggy for me to bring it back. I’m planning the next version for the end of the year (click here) – Post ratings will be back then.

I’m after neither. I don’t feel a rating system is necessary. I think what I like about other peoples’ posts and they are free to think what they like about mine. If they have particular points to bring up then I would expect them to do so in a reply rather than taking the easy, quick and unthinking way of giving a bad (or good) rating.

I have already considered my posts before I post them; somebody putting an angry face or calling me a village idiot is not going to change my mind. Of course if I posted a particularly offensive post I would expect to be warned by a moderator, but that is really another issue.

I don’t quite understand the motivation behind ratings. Are they just a bit of fun? Are they intended to persuade people to change their minds about things? If the latter, I feel we’re barking up the wrong tree. It’s very difficult indeed to change someone’s mind through persuasion, let alone the cruder means of public disapproval. As my colleague helpfully pointed out to me when I was fuming over bad drivers, cursing at a taxi driver is hardly going to make him think ‘Hey, maybe that foreigner’s right. Maybe I do drive like a w**ker.’

Just say “No” to ratings.


Well, I like things the way they are, but that’s just me.

What do the stars under the title represent?

Number of years on Forumosa.

Number of years, eh? :laughing:
All this time I thought it was some kind of asskissing hierarchy at work. :slight_smile: heheh

Why does Imani, for instance, have a gadzillion stars under her username and I only have one?

What do they mean?

All these strange titles and decorations only serve to confuse people, especially simpletons like me. Can’t we have something a bit more meaningful, like empty space?

Or, go the whole hog and allow us 'mosans to add music files to our profiles. I want the riff from ‘A Fistful of Dollars’ to play whenever anyone gets a PM from me.