Gold winning swimmer tells 2nd place he is a loser

He’s 28 so, yeah, probably the end. But there are Olympic swimmers that are swimming to later ages. And he’s mostly a middle distance swimmer, making it easier to swim as you age, IMO.

Let’s be real. 36 year olds can be great swimmers, but not Olympic medal winning, world-record breaking swimmers. There’s zero chance he can come back from this.

I think the chance is close to zero because this will break his spirit. But otherwise, I would argue there still would have been a chance of getting on the podium. Gold at 35 and silver at 41. Not impossible.

The drug use I can forgive. His douche bag behavior is what I have the most issue with. I honestly just assume half of them cheat the system on PEDs anyways.

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Whoops, I stand corrected then! I usually hear about Olympians retiring in their late 20s to early 30s, so that’s surprising to me.


Very big of you to admit that so readily. It’s surprising, and also encouraging for us getting older!

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Eh, I always admit when I’m wrong about something. My wife trained me well.


Sun Yang’s mum issues explosive statement after CAS ban

I heard on the radio his old high school backed out of naming their new swimming pool after him out of fear of affecting their Chinese business relations

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they can probably get away with doing it now.

Ouch. Kind of shitty for them to do this to him when they’ve backed him through all of this.

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Loyalty is one way with autocrats.

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