Golden Horse Awards' verbal spat between Taiwan and China stars


Article in LINE went more in-depth on Gong Li having a hissy fit.

“Our Youth In Taiwan”(我們的青春,在台灣), the documentary describing Taiwanese student and Chinese student sharing dreams of rebellion and building a better country, won the prize of the best documentary. Its director Yue Fu(傅榆)went on the stage, stating that “I hope our country can be seen as independent. As a Taiwanese, that is my biggest hope.”

"The Chinese actor Tu Men(涂們) grabbed the chance to hit back when he was giving the prize on the stage. He said that “it is my honor to come to China Taiwan to attend the ceremony, I can feel that China and Taiwan are a family.”

“After the ceremony, many Chinese stars posted comments on Weibo, saying that “China has to be complete.”, presenting their patriotism”

From LINE:

haha Fuq 'em.
I’m guessing the CPC (CCP) won’t be allowing any of its stars to attend next year.

The 'Golden Horse Shit Awards'

So typical. I avoid mainland Chinese here for a reason and when can’t be helped, avoid telling them I’m from Taiwan.

I went to buy a massage chair and the lady from China working in Malaysia rather insist Taiwan is part of China than sell me the fucking chair. They always have to put in some way to insist Taiwan is part of China. Like “oh we are both from China” “you are from China Taiwan” “we are the same countrymen”. Just have to slide it in somewhere into the conversation every single time. I’ve never met a mainlander that didn’t try to slide in that Taiwan is part of China in some way when Taiwan is mentioned. Are they trained to do this? They have so many creative ways to imply it and slide that into the conversation.


Yes. Overseas Chinese defend their motherland despite enjoying all the benefits of not actually living there. I’ve had countless conversations with my Chinese friends in Vancouver about why they feel the need to constantly defend the CCP, and they don’t even know why they are doing it. The defending of the CCP government just comes naturally to them, it’s sad. Imagine living in the west and having liberty of independent thought… yet, you’re still controlled by China and the CCP.



replace “overseas Chinese” with “useful idiots”, and “motherland” with "communist/socialist country"and you have an accurate representation of many people in the west.


The controlling entities may differ, but the end result is the same for many people. Oops, looks like IbisWtf beat me to it.


This reminds me of something…wait nevermind…



i think mainlanders have the guts to say this brainwashed stuff so boldly because they are never challenged on it. they really need to start being put in their place.


Good citizens


I really feel like they’ve up their game. Years ago they just get angry and aggressive with a hostile “Taiwan is part of China” arguement. Now they don’t even faze when Taiwan is mentioned and slip in some sneaky way to imply it.


I give that Taiwanese director Yue Fu who won that documentary film beaucoup koodoos for standing up with a statement about hoping to see Taiwan as an outright formal and independent country. Kissed goodbye any future film proceeds from Commieland, but gave the big finger to it on tv.


They get so badly BTFO if you debate them. The only thing they can do is chimp out.


“Golden Horse Awards was unfortunately politicized”

Unfortunate? Its an entertainment award show, one of the least important things in the world.



I remember when I was doing my summer semester in China and we went on a tour, and my poor Taiwanese classmates were stuck at the front with the very talkative tour guide on a two hour drive.


It serves the Golden Horse Awards well for giving top prizes to China files, disregarding and discouraging local productions.

Chinese people have to follow the line or there will be consequences. There is always someone listening. Even outside of China, they are prisoners of their fears. It does not help when their fears encounter prejudice and this fuels isolation. The only protection rests in the tribe and the tribe is China. Overseas communities are closed up due to this, conservative to the point of being reactionary.


Most award shows are extremely political.

And by most I mean American, ie the Oscars, the Golden Globes, SAG etc. You can’t find any apolitical award shows nowadays, other than perhaps People’s Choice Awards.


And of course the irony of them being in a country with free speech being able to say “Taiwan China” is lost on them. If they said something the party doesn’t like, goodbye career in China and possibly go missing the next day.


absolutely. they are not prepared for a proper response to their spiel. anyone who has the cheek to try it should be met with a ranting response, don’t entertain it, its like condoning bad behaviour.


The communists comrades.

" A controversy that erupted at Saturday night’s Golden Horse Awards ceremony shows no signs of ending as the Chinese-language Apple Daily ’s Hong Kong edition yesterday reported that Chinese companies have been banned from entering films coproduced with Taiwanese firms in Golden Horse events.

The paper said the directive came from the Chinese Communist Party’s publicity department in the wake of Taiwanese director Fu Yue (傅榆) saying during her acceptance speech for best documentary for Our Youth in Taiwan (我們的青春,在台灣) that her greatest wish was that one day Taiwan “can be treated as a truly independent entity.”



This stunningly boring awards show hardly needs the help of the CCP in becoming irrelevant–it’s doing a bangup job all on its own.