Golden horse film festival

I’ve been told that this is the right place for this kind of post, so here it is. All you oldtimers probably know about this, but for me as sort of a newbie, the information was new. So maybe I can pass it on to other newbies :wink:

Yesterday, I picked up the programme of the Golden Horse Film Festival. It runs from 31 Oct. to 14 Nov., and the range of films looks very interesting (I think I’m too young for Rosa von Praunheim or Werner Herzog, but I’m really looking forward to “8 Women”). Lots of European films and many Asian films that don’t seem to have made it to the popular theatres. The films are obviously screened in the original language with Chinese subtitles. The venue is UCI in Hsimenting, the tickets are between 180 NTD and 200 NTD for single entry, and 2000 NTD for the whole thing (I guess I have to figure out how often I’ll really be able to go before I buy one of these).

I found a website under:

but it’s from last year. Maybe they’ll update it during the coming month?

Have fun! (I will :slight_smile: )


the film fest guide is available now. great promo i saw at fnac last night - everything from t-shirts to mugs to diary books, etc etc with the cute cartoon logo of this year’s fest. pick it up. get your tickets quick too.

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Duh! Set up a new thread not having seen this’un. I posted this:
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Anyone caught a brochure on the screenings for this year’s Golden Horse film festival? Recommend any films?

It runs Oct. 31 ~Nov. 14 at the UCI Lion’s Cinema (4F, No. 36 Hsining South Road Hsimenting, Taipei). Tickets are available at Fnac but I haven’t had a chance to see what’s actually on.


I’ve been to the website again, it’s been updated and they have an English “vesion”, but the English description … , well, if you want to read some not too appealing literal translation from Chinese to English, go ahead. You’d think for this kind of event they’d be able to grab an ABC or other native speaker to check on the English. They could at least have used a spell checker.

They’ve obviously rescheduled some movies, but I can’t find info on what they’ve changed. I had tickets for the opening movie “8 Women” yesterday (so I thought), but when we got there, it had been rescheduled to November 16 (and the thing isn’t even supposed to run that long). Bit frustrating as I had really been looking forward to it :frowning: . Anyway, I have a spare ticket now (my sister was supposed to go with me), anybody want to join me? (It’s a saturday night, don’t know the time yet, the movie’s in French!)

The website doesn’t have the updated schedule for the whole thing. Don’t know where to find it. Does anybody else?


Hi Iris, I’d be delighted to come along!

Two French movies, “Delicatessan” and “The City Of Lost Children” are my all-time faves, so I’m always keen to see what our friends the Frogs are making! Erm, but I have to be honest, my knowledge of French only goes as far as “croissant”… which could make it a little frustrating…

So, if there’s no English translation then I’d like to offer my housemate (she’s very friendly, speaks decent French, and knows a bit about film production). Either way is ok!


The Big Babou.

Hi Babou

I started setting up a list of my all time favorites, and being in this Chinese and English speaking environment, I completely forgot about “The city of lost children” and many more French films. Thanks for reminding me!

I don’t mind you or your housemate coming along. There should be Chinese subtitles, too. I found this link on a postcard:, maybe your housemate could check on the running time? I couldn’t find anything. Of course, we could just try and get another ticket and go all three of us, if you the two of you want to come along.