Golden Retriever for adoption

The dog is male.
About 3 years old.
Golden to reddish fur.
He has not been neutered.
I have no idea about shots.
He does not have a chip.
He is friendly and very patient.
He is a fast learner, and responds well to encouragement.
He has been houstrained, but accidents do happen if you don’t take him out early in the morning.
I’m training him to walk and heel, and he rarely pulls while on the leash (now). He likes to play fetch.
He is a bit insecure when left alone, and for the first few days he would follow me everywhere.
He’s afraid of firecrackers and thunder, and will run to find a hiding place when he hears these.
I gave him a bit of a cut because I felt hot just looking at his thick coat.

If you are interested, you can contact me at , or leave a reply on this forum and we can make arrangements.

Here is a pic.

found someone willing to take care of him