Gold's Gym on FuXing South -- anyone know their prices?

I saw Gold’s Gym today from the subway. Anyway know what their membership deals are? Is it possible to join for a month at a time?

Just tell them that California allows one to pay monthly (around 1500NT/month). Why pay for 1 or 2 years, they could go bankrupt in the meantime…?!

I’ve asked about their membership a few weeks ago. As far as I remember I was told something around 1500NT/month if you buy a membership for a year. I know other people got it much cheaper about a year ago, but they were very stubborn when I told them and wouldn’t bargain at all. I’ve joined Alexanders instead…

just go in and ask… there are a few different deals. there was a special in february that i signed up for… a month by month plan that was reduced from the original initial payment of 5000NT to 2500NT plus the usual 1999/month.
The other option is paying for an entire year, which is over 20,000NT. you can go in a get a few day passes to try it out before you commit to paying all that money.

A lot of the staff speak English pretty well… most notably a guy named Jacky who is in sales. he’ll be able to explain everything to you