Golf in Taiwan- Tiger Woods great job today!

What a great story and come back after many years in Tiger Woods winning the Masters Sunday. Hope Taiwan knows it female golfers are also great (my Taiwanese co workers seem know little how well Taiwanese females golfers do), seems they get much less news coverage than I think they should say compared to in Korea or Japan, My experience is Taiwanese value lady’s looks over being great (best) at golf which is heartbreaking to me.

It was sad watching his fall. And it seemed he could never rise again. But he did it at 43 years of age. I know very little about golf, but this is much more than about that silly game.

Ever since Yani Tseng blew up her skyrocketing golf career (#1 for nearly 2 years I think…) by hanging with 黑人, the Taiwanese entertainment and once basketball star wanna-be and his group of losers, Taiwan pretty much lost interest in female golf.

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You say you know very little about golf yet you pronounce it as being silly. That sounds a bit silly.

Ha, ha. Indeed. Anyway, good job Tiger! Some cool tweets from some famous folks related to t he win.

Yeah, I was glued to the screen this morning. As a European I was rooting for Molinari, but the great Mr. Woods cannot be denied. More wins to come.

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I’m glad he got this win. The perseverance of a champion. Most would have called it quits, even i was thinking he should just quit and enjoy the rest of his life. The obsession with winning and perfection is another level for guys like tiger. I remember having a bunch of Nike tiger hats and golf gear when I played on the golf team for school.

I’m shocked. I thought Woods was an over-the-hill joke now. Can’t believe he’d come back to win after 11(?) years of decline (and personal problems).

Good for him though. This comeback will probably make a good 30-for-30 documentary or even a feel good movie one day.

Not to mention multiple serious spine surgeries that would be hard for the average person to just be back to 100% doing day to day stuff.

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:rofl: the vitriol

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Paige Spiranac says there are two big reasons why she is a more popular golfer than Tiger on Instagram.